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    Sorting "The Bandname" Band names

    Hi folks, I've been using my iPod classic with no problems for a really long time. Last night I finally said what the heck and updated its firmware. All was good until I tried to find my Blues Brothers music. It wasn't with the B artists. "The Blues Brothers" was no longer up with "Blues Boy...
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    iPod recognized but software not downloading?!

    My 5.5G iPod was acting up, resetting over and over again, and not turning on. So i put it in disc mode and connected it to the computer, which recognizes it fine. iTunes does too, although it says that it's "corrupted." So i attempt to restore (I AM DEFINATELY CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET) and an...
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    Belkin Mobile Power Cord

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while. I just got a car so now I'm back here on the forums-- I got a Belkin TuneCast II for my ipod in the car. I'm really satisfied with it. It comes with an adapter so that you can charge it in your car. So I used that for a week, and then I saw on the Belkin...
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    deleted video is still there...but not really?

    i added a video to my ipod, it was a full length movie, about 300 mb. then i right clicked and cleared it from my ipod through itunes. the video name dissappeared, but my amount of free space did not change! i disconnected the ipod, went into settings>about, and the amount of space remaining...
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    fabrix cases

    hey i just got my fabrix case from because this case doesnt appeal to too many people (its basically the grey pack in, but in different styles) i'll post a review if i get a request in this thread, rather than waste my time.
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    album art problem like none other

    okay so now my ipods not displaying album all...heres how it all started... iTunes is set to manual update, and i had about ten albums to put on my ipod. so i added them to my library, and after i had added one album to the library, i transfered it to the ipod. all is going good. at...
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    multiple libraries

    is there a way to make more than one library? Id like to add "unlabeled" files to one library, label them, then put them into my "labeled" library, so i dont get them mixed up. Thanks.
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    High-end Orbino case

    i was wondering about the Orbino leather cases, found here: for any owners/people who have seen them, does it look like the stitching could come undone through regular use? are you satisfied with it? will it fit a 60 gb...
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    a bit comfused with etymotic's

    i am still torn between the ER6s and ER6i's. i saw this page: and noticed that the ER6 have a much higher "accuracy score" than the ER6i's. What is an accuracy score? Since the ER6s have better "accuracy" and the ER6i's have "Enhanced...
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    DLO Transpod

    I've heard that the Transpod is the best FM transmitter. I think CNet gave it an Editor's Choice award or something. Do any of you loungers have any input regarding the best FM transmitter? Bonus points to people from Houston, TX who've found a good brodcast frequency...
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    ER6 vs. ER6i

    First off, what is the major difference in sound quality between these two? Also, which do you think would be more comfortable? The ER6, with two flanges, or the ER6i, with three flanges? which one blocks out the most noise? i have narrowed down my decision to these two, the outcome of this...
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    podfolio and IS review

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. my IS and podfolio arrived about an hour ago. i first placed my (naked) 60gb ipod into the DLO podfolio. it looked great in there, but i decided to take it out to apply the IS and then put it back in. it took so much effort to get...
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    clicker hack

    if you have the "clicker" setting on, then when you scroll the click wheel the ipod emits a little "click" sound. does the ipod have an internal speaker? it must, otherwise it couldnt make a sound (correct me if i'm wrong). based on my assumption that the ipod has a built in speaker, it is...
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    how to remove dust

    i am about to install my IS for my ipod. what do i use to get the dust off? ive heard people say, "i used a microfibre cloth" or "use a blah blah type of cloth." what does that mean? is there a household name for "microfibre" or something that most households have that goes by a different name...
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    Removing an Invisible Shield

    how would you go about removing a fully dried IS?
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    need a recomendation

    i need a recomendation for high quality, ear plug like (blocks noise) ear buds, such as the Etymotic ER6. I am willing to spend $150, give or take a few bucks. If you could give me any suggestions, that would be great. Edit: i will be using these on the bus and on planes, so i really dont need...
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    i've ordered dlo Podfolio and the Invisible sheild for my 60 gig ipod. does anyone know if the two are or are not compatible? thanks.
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    dock connector: protection neccessary?

    just wondering... say i were to use my ipod regularly without any dock connector protection at all. if my ipod were exposed to the usual mundane elements (namely, dust) what would happen? any negative effects? would it be possible at all to lose dock connector usability? and if so, how would...
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    apple neoprene case

    i got a 60 gig doesnt seem to fit right in the included neoprene case (to be used till podfolio gets here) it seems to small...too much force is needed to get it in there, doesnt seem right. are there two sizes and apple sent the 30 gig one? or is it just wierd like that?
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    how to use notes from a .txt???

    i have a full length book that i downloaded (a spaniard in the works by john lennon). It is in .txt format (the kind on windows that by default opens with notepad). could someone post a small tutorial on how to get that to show up in notes on a 60 gb 5g ipod? thanks, im taking a plane ride...