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  1. J

    iPhone 3GS Brightness vs 3G

    I compared my 3gs with a 3g in a dark room with the same brightness levels and auto-brightness turned on. The 3G is much brighter than the 3GS. Has anyone else noticed this? :confused:
  2. J

    Where can I buy a 2nd gen Nano?

    I bought a video Nano but it turns out I really don't like the form factor, and I'm not really going to watch video on it. I would much rather like a 2nd gen Nano. Do any retailers still carry it?
  3. J

    Nero Recode does H.264 iPod Video.

    I just finished converting a music video from mpeg2 to H.264 using Nero Recode File size went from 53.1MB to 15.5MB. Video looks great! You have to select the "Portable AVC" profile. AVC is MPEG-4 H.264 format. I did resize from 352x288 to 320x240. 3min. 45sec. video transcoded...
  4. J

    Are any 60G units in any stores yet?

    I only saw the White 30G's in Bestbuy so far. Have any 60's even shipped yet?
  5. J

    video iPod is smaller than iPod photo.

    Photo's look deceiving. At first glance the new video iPod looks wider and larger than previous 4th gen photo iPods. I did a check of the specs and the new ipod is same width and length, however it's thinner and lighter, and has a larger screen. The 60 gig version is about an ounce lighter...
  6. J

    $50.00 more for 26 more Gigs?

    VIDEO iPOD here I come!! Nano, was nice knowing ya.. Even if you don't use the video function of the new iPod. 26 gigs for $50.00. The choice is clear. Nano is going back to the store.
  7. J

    Bought Sony EX71s.

    I bought some white Sony EX-71's today. My search for headphones continues. Who is the designer at Sony who designed the cord on this thing? He should be fired and blacklisted so he doesn't work for another electronics company ever again. One end is longer than the other??:mad: Also, they...
  8. J

    Sennheiser MX300 vs. iPod earbuds

    Does anyone have the Sennheiser MX300's? I have a pair from my old iRiver mp3 player. They are more comfortable in the ear than the iPod earbuds. Has anyone compared them, are they better quality?
  9. J

    iSound Free MP3's

    iSound MP3's Tons of free legal MP3's mostly indie, unsigned bands. Lots of good music here.
  10. J

    Nano Scratching? WAX IT!

    I've read several threads where people have used car wax on thier Nano's and it takes out the swirl marks. This makes sense to me. I have a brand new Black nano it doesn't have any scratches yet, but I think I'm going to put some Meguiars Gold Class Clear Coat Car Wax on it later tonight...
  11. J

    Album artwork takes up space?

    I was wondering how much space if any does the album artwork add to the Nano? Can you get more songs on it if you don't add any artwork?