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    Ue 11

    Might as well start a thread. I don't think I'll buy these because of the price and I don't need something like this even if I did have the money. Looks like a good product however. Reminds me of the razor wars. I wonder how many drivers per side will IEM get up too. Any thoughts on these?
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    All of your recent reviews are really short. The ultimate ears super fi eb review is just one paragraph. Are they a supposed to be short?. The AKG 701 review is just the same one in the buyer's guide. Same with every new review. I'd like a more indepth review like the older ones. Is this just an...
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    In ear phones that work for performing on stage?

    Whats a good in ear phone that also works for performing on stage? I was looking at the UE super fi pro but realized it wouldn't work. I was thinking about the higher end UE 5c but I don't have that kind of money. Then I found the UM 1 & 2 from westone. I was wondering if these are good for...
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    Doom 3 on a 17 inch imac g4?

    Would Doom 3 run on a imac g4 with maxed out ram and 1.33 ghz on lowest settings ?.
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    How to get an ipod mini 2g to go into linux?

    How do you get an ipod mini 2g to go into ipod linux?. I've tried rewind and hold but none of them seem to work. I can see all of the files in the ipod mini folder but it won't go into linux mode. Any help would be appreciated. Also if any of you guys have an ipod linux installer that works on a...
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    UE super-fi 5 pro/EB

    Out of UE 5 Pro/Eb which one is the better buy?. Just to let you know I listen to all types of rock. thanks in advance
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    Stax headphones

    I have an opportunity to get a pair of stax headphones from japan and I'm wondering if the headphones are worth the price. Also what are the best ones to be driven from an ipod?
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    Text starwars

    If you have a mac and can acess the terminal type this in telnet It brings up a star wars movie done conpletly in text. Its about 30 mins long.
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    Cutting a hip flask in half

    Like the title say. Any ideas on how to cut a hip flask in half?. It relates to ipods because Im planing to make a case out of a hip flask since Im too cheap to buy a case and I've got ALOT of spare time on my hands.
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    text games on ipod mini for mac

    I was just wondering if any text based games exist for ipods that are formated for mac
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    brushed metal ipod mini

    Could you brush the metal on an ipod mini in-order to make it look like the brushed steel on the ipod 20 gb?
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    Most played song in your itunes

    Like the titles say. What is your most played song in your itunes library?
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    Ipod mini same size or smaller?

    Do you think the ipod mini should be smaller, thinner, same size etc or any combination of those 3. Or how big the ipod capacity should be
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    best ipod mini headphones/earbudes

    Whats are the best ipod mini headphones/earbudes for under $150?
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    ipod mini headphones

    What are the best ipod headphones/earbuds? i'm willing to spend up to 150$ on any type of headphones/earbuds