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    Where to buy v-moda Vibe

    I am unsuccessful in locating a vendor who will ship a v-moda Vibe to an FPO address. I am currently located in Iraq and really would like to get these headphones. Does anybody know where to get them, or of any way that I can get a pair? Any help would be much appreciated...thanks! Also, if...
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    Issues with 4G menu button?

    There is beginning to be a lot of talk in the mini forum about the menu button sticking or not working. Now that the 4G iPod is out with the same interface, there have been some questions as to whether or not the 4G owners have had any issues with their menu buttons? Please post. Thanks!
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    I tried to use an AppleScript last night. This AppleScript was one that would transfer music from the iPod to the computer. I am using a 17in iMac. Are there any AppleScripts that will work for the mini in this specific instance? The one that is provided does not work for the mini...only for...
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    I Made the Switch!!!

    I finally made the switch from using a Windows based PC to using an Apple. I am now a proud owner of a 17inch flat screen iMac!!! This computer is the neatest thing in the world (right now)! I find it much easier to use and much more user friendly than my old PC. I just wanted to let you all...
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    Best Movie Death...according to Total Film Magazine

    A poll was conducted by Total Film Magzine and found that Janet Leigh's shower scene in "Psycho" is the "best movie death" of all time. What do you all think about that?
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    The worst songs posted by Blender Magazine

    Does anybody agree with their lists??? Worst Songs Ever I'm not sure if "We Built This City" is the worst song though...what are your opinions???
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    Post Here if You own a Problem-Free mini

    I purchased my Silver mini 3/13/04. To date, my mini has froze up twice. I still consider myself one with a "problem-free" mini so far. Battery life is excellent. I have a JQ serial number (China). Does anybody feel they have a mini that is problem-free? Please post when you purchased it...