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    nano used in national radio broadcast

    Chris Evans just finished his drivetime show on Radio 2 here in the UK using another presenter's iPod nano as a music source. Jeremy Vine, who does the lunchtime current affairs show had inadvertently left behind his iPod in the studio, so Chris started looking up random tracks on shuffle mode...
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    PS3 launch delayed for Europe

    Yup, until March 2007 apparently. Cheers Sony. Microsoft may just gain another few customers. Read about it here.
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    iPod G1 resurrected!

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Well, it's nearly a year since I purchased an iPod shuffle and pretty much that's been almost exclusively used since then on my frequent business trips to London. To be sure, the single most frustrating thing is not being able to...
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    I keep packaging. Is it just me?

    I still have the box my old iPod came in. I think the box for the iBook is somewhere too. Do others keep stuff like this well after it's really needed?
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    Orbital fan needs more! Recommendations please

    Whilst I enjoyed the Blue Album - 'You Lot' being just about perfect - I'm craving more of that type of... techno? Is it techno? Electronica? Dance? Whatever! Anyway, I listen to Sasha and Hybrid and really, out of the multitude of albums under 'dance' in my local record store, I just want some...
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    If Sinclair made a mp3 player, what would it be like?

    With the announcement of the Commodore e-Vic, I was thinking what a shape an e-ZX might take. I'll start things off by saying that it would for definate have small, rectangular, multifunction rubber keys for a user interface. :) PS. For our American cousins, I'm referring the Timex-Sinclair...
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    iPodlounge gets some publicity...

    ...expect the membership to go up :p The story here relates to the iPod mini specifically, but it does lend the site an air of authority.. not that it didn't have that already! :)
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    When u got ur iPod, what were you upgrading from?

    This kind of follows on from the 'Is iPod best MP3 player?' thread. Basically, what portable device did you use for music before you 'upgraded' to an iPod? Or is iPod your first experience of portable players? For me, that would be a Sony MZR-55 Minidisc unit.
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    Battery life on older iPods

    I've seen a few queries on this forum regarding the long-term battery life of the iPod and so I decided to try a full test today using my November 2001 Gen 1 5Gb pod. This iPod sees moderate use and is frequently found in a discharged state, usually because it has been lying around for a couple...