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  1. J

    What cable to buy for Pocket Dock

    I just bought the Sendstation Pocketdock Firewire. I love it. I have one question though. If i want to be able to charge my ipod using the pocket dock (say, when i'm playing it) what cable to i have to buy? I.e. 6 pin-6 pin? Also can i use that same cable to connect to my computer? I dont know...
  2. J

    Is the itrip good? Whats the most reliable transmitter.

    Ok. I was wanting to get an itrip because i thought it was a good buy. But i've been hearing its not relieable. I would love to have a small transmitter that integrates so well as the itrip. But i need it to be reliable. What do you guys find is the best reliable.
  3. J

    iskin screen clicking?

    I just bought the iskin (ebony). love it. Its great. NO more scratching. the screen is thich plastic but i can see through it perfectly. The only problem i have is that it clicks when i touch one side or the other. The clicking is do to the rubber coming disconected from the ipod. It kind of...
  4. J

    Anyone have this case? Whats it look like?

    I am in the market for a case. And i think i just want one to protect a little from small falls maybe and scratches. I was thinking the iskins were a little unprotective and i stumbled upon these cases. They look pretty good. I am wondering if anyone...
  5. J

    All artists leads to all albums on ipod.

    Ok i go Music-artists-all and it takes me to all albums. Whats up with this? Is something wrong? Can i change something in Itunes? help.
  6. J

    Just got my ipod armor. Read if your considering this buy.

    Ok I ordered my ipod armor on the weekend. It looked great. aluminum case. It could fall and the ipod would be fine. No access to controls, but i figured i wouldnt need acess to them if i was going to be using the case. I could take it out of the case when i was at home. Boy, was i wrong. You...
  7. J

    Charging with usb 2.0 cable?

    I just bought the 4g 20gb ipod. I have been using the firewire cable to tranfer songs. It is kind of a pain to take the cable out of computer to charge ipod. Can i charge the ipod with the usb 2.0 cable? And does it change the charge time? or is it better to use firewire?
  8. J

    My first Ipod, need a case but which one?

    Ok i just got my frist Ipod today. Originally i was thinking about the ipod armor. Complete protection (except waterproff but who cares) But then i was kind of wanting access to the click wheel. I stil think i will probably get the ipod armor because i want to protect this valuable ipod. I also...
  9. J

    Anapod or Itunes?

    I am about to purchase a 4g 20gb ipod. I have windows xp and 98. I will be using the xp system for ipod but i have lots of music on 98 and i would rather transfer the music on 98 straight to ipod without reripping on xp. Should i use anapod right when i get my ipod or should i try itunes. Also...
  10. J

    Rip now or later?

    Ok, I'm getting an ipod in a few days. I was wondering should i rip now or when i get ipod + itunes? Does itunes rip cds? Im just wondering weather to rip now or later because of the id tags. What type of format should i have the tags in?
  11. J

    Getting an Ipod soon, some questions.

    I am getting an IPod soon and I have some questions about Itunes. As it stands now I have my own computer in my room and my family has a computer downstairs. I have most of my music already ripped to my computer upstairs. After I get my ipod i want to rip all my cds on the downstairs computer...