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    WTB 1st/2nd Gen Nano or Mini

    Looking to buy a 1st or 2nd gen Nano or Mini. I'm tired of making MP3 CD's every week for my car. I just plan on keeping it in the glove box (ipod cable is routed to the glove box) and lock it in there. I don't want to keep my ipod touch in the glove box. So, let me know what you have. Don't...
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    Ice Age 2 Movie Poster

    My local mall hangs movie posters from the cieling throughout the mall. The Ice Age 2 movie poster is hanging now. The movie poster is a parody of the ipod silhouettes. Here's a picture: Sorry for the quality. It was taken with my phone. Basically, it's of the racoon(if you have seen the...
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    Agent18 and Apple Dock

    I just bought a dock from eBay for the 20/40 gig iPods. I also bought an Agent18 case that should be coming on Monday, but the dock later in the week. I was wondering if the Agent18 case would be compatible with the dock seeing as how it puts a little bit of thickness to the iPod. Thanks to all...
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    iPod will not play voice recordings

    My dad tried listening to one of the vioce recordings he has on my iPod and told me that they did not play. I check it out myself and did a reset , but that did not help. I also tried recording a new memo and playing it. That didn't work either. Any ideas? A restore is not an option, I don't...
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    iTunes doesn't open.

    I've had this problem before even with 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, and even the latest one. When I double click the iTunes Icon, all it does is display the timer next to the arrow for a few seconds and then my AIM buddy list flashes for a second and stops. Itunes does not open after that. I'm beginning to...
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    First night without my iPod

    Tonight is the first night without my iPod. Why you ask? Well, I had a DeMolay meeting at the Scottish Rite Center in my city where we hold the meetings. I had brought my iPod along with me so my brother and I can listen to it in the car, but we could not find the cassette adapter. I brought it...
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    Looking for song list program

    A few months ago, I acquired a program where you take a file from a hidden folder in the iPod and open up the program and the program searches the file and creates a list of all the songs on the iPod. I forgot what the program was and I'm wondering if any of you members know what it is and where...
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    Dent on back of iPod

    I noticed a dent on the back of my iPod when I took it out of my pocket and looked at the back. The cause of this was the earphones. I had wrapped them around the iPod and put it in my pocket and I must have pressed up against it to cause this. I just ordered an iSkin Sunday night and should...
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    iTalk not working with 4Gen iPod

    I bought a Griffin iTalk last week and it recorded just fine, but now it doesn't record. I get an error message saying that it cannot record becuase there is no microphone connected. I resetted my iPod twice but i still got the error message. Any help? Thanks
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    iTunes not opening every time

    iTunes isn't opening everytime I double click the icon on my desktop, nor from the start menu. The only way iTunes will open is if I reinstall it. Is there something wrong with iTunes or my computer? I have Windows XP Pro SP1 if that matters.
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    Finally have an iPod! (Well, almost)

    If you feel that it is too long, there is a Too Long;Didn't Read version at the bottom. I have known about the iPod for quite some time now. I remember seeing a first generation at La Guardia in NYC when iPod's had not gone mainstream. I then immediatly started looking on eBay for one. I was...