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    Finding 'ghost' music files

    Anyone know how to make iTunes scan its library to indicate/show (with the exlamation mark or something) all the files that I've previously moved/deleted from my HDD? Just trying to clean my iTunes Library, and it's a pain trying to find all the songs that are gone from my HDD, yet still show...
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    BestBuy PSP Question... (Canada)

    Been meaning to ask this question for a while now, especially since BestBuy came to Canada... Anyways, do the BestBuy's in Canada offer the same PSP (Product Service Plan) that the one's in the US offer? I know many US iPodders have taken advantage of this, and was wondering if Canadians also...
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    Do Not Disconnect Problems...

    Did a search, and seems like people are having an 'okay to disconnect' problem, but I just got a: "Do Not Disconnect" Problem. I was transferring files from one computer to another using the iPod (15gig) (both using the same firewire card, ST Labs, which has worked for me since the early days...
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    Funny Article...

    What do you consider a desktop?
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    First Impressions: Sony D66SL 'Eggos'

    After alot of reading and researching, I finally gave in and bought these cans. A few pics of the cans here @ IGN Another page with pics of the D66's One last page of Pictures of the D66's Appearance & Ergonomics Wow... very pleasing to the eyes. I know looks arent that important, but...
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    Here we go... MS prepares for for iMS!

    Microsoft prepares reply to iTunes ... It was only a matter of time.
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    dtnjb3 -> Can you Delete this Troll?

    Seems like we've got our very first troll here on our boards. Mods, can you take a look at his posts so far. I've seen 3 or 4 of them (of his 5total), and well... you can judge them for yourselves.
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    Too Many Repeated Questions

    I've noticed a huge influx of repeated new threads all either asking or repeating the exact same thing over and over again. Whether it be about recording, or the new docks, or about how they dislike MMJ, or comparison between models, etc.... it's starting to get a bit much. I guess there's...
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    New Waterfield Design Cases

    Take a look at the new cases here Looks okay, but nothing great. On a positive note however, it seems like the iPod can dock with the case on.
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    J.River Media Center vs Windows Media Player

    I just d/l'd Media Center 9, due to all the praise you guys keep giving to this software. My initial thoughts is that it's very similar to Windows Media Player 9, but with the exception of iPod support. My question is whether that's it? Is it just another Windows Media Player but with added...
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    iPod is King of ALL MP3 Players!

    The iPod kills the Zen in the Cnet review. Comparing the two players in the windows platform, the iPod gets a 9/10 and an Editors choice, while the lowly zen gets a 7.7 and a good rating... edit, here's a link: iPod
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    LOTR or Matrix?

    Which movie do you think is (or will be) the bigger/more popular trilogy?
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    Programs to Transfer Audio Poll

    Just wondering what the majority of other people were using....