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    iPad and iPhone syncing

    Will it be possible to sync the calendar on the iPad with the iPhone/iMac wirelessly? I don't have a mobileMe account so at the moment we sync the iPhones via iTunes. Would I need a MobileMe account to sync everything wirelessly.
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    wall bracket

    Has anyone seen any wall brackets or anything for the iPad? I'd love to put one up on the kitchen wall.
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    problem syncing 2 iPhones

    I now have two iPhones, mine and a new one I purchased today for my wife. I have activated hers and synced it no probs. I connected mine and synced it, it resolved a Contacts conflict, no probs. I changed a few other things and then tried to sync again, it will now not sync. My wifes iPhone...
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    GPS 'find me' function does not work on my 3G iPhone

    I've tried to use it lots of times in various locations in the UK and it never finds where I am, all I get is the circle thing going round and round. I did use the map function once whilst out driving and I did notice the flashing blue blob on the map that showed me my location (I did not use...
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    how do I re-set my iPhone before selling it?

    I'm going to upgrade to an 8G 3G iPhone, I want to sell my existing iPhone, how do I reset it and erase all the data from it after I have upgraded?
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    v2 upgrade problems

    I'm trying to upgrade to v2. iTunes has downloaded the new software and a message on the screen reads 'Preparing iPhone Software for restore' and the iPhone has the Apple logo and the spinning circle thing on a blank screen. It has been like this for about 30 minutes. Is it broken? What do I do...
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    can you help me with converting aspect ratios?

    I'm ripping a DVD in Handbrake, the aspect ratio is 720 x 576 and handbrake tells me the output aspect ratios will be 480 x 208. This gives large black bars at the top and bottom of the iPhone screen. I can use the zoom function on the iPhone to enlarge the image, but this obviously crops off a...
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    iTunes will not recognise my iPhone

    I have been using my iPhone on a pc, I have just connected it to my ne iMac, but the iPhone will not appear as a device in iTunes. What do I need to do? I want to keep all my PIM data on the phone and sync it with the iMac. Thanks for any help.:)
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    What is the best DVD ripper for a MAC?

    Is it handbrake? Does it produce good audio syncing? Thanks :)
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    Moving to a Mac from a PC

    What do I have to do with/to my iPhone if I switch to using an iMac instead of my PC? Does it need to be re-set or anything?
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    Has anyone used this company?

    I was browsing through eBay and found this; They will send you an impression kit, you send back the impressions and tell them which earphones you use, they then supply custome molded plugs which you then simply attach your earphones...
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    How do I move my music from broken PC to new PC

    I have a PC with a RAID 0 volume error, it will almost certainly mean returning the PC to the manufacturer for fixing, this may also mean getting it back minus all my music. I have made a copy of the \My Documents\My Music folder in it's entirity and put this copy on an external USB2 drive. Is...
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    I have an annoying problem with Googlemail

    I have setup a new account in Googlemail which I will use for my iPhone. Whenever I send an email from my iPhone, the email that I send appears in my inbox on the iPhone. Why? I have turned off Bcc Myself on the iPhone. It's very annoying. I also tried to use the join email account that my...
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    Vaja Clasic Dockable

    I don't ever buy cases for my mobile phones, but the iPhone is a slippery little thing and I want something that will make it more secure in my hand. I love the Vaja range of cases, my favourite being the Retro Dockable, but I'm not sure I could cope with lifting the face cover everytime I want...
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    which iPhone case won the iPhone recommended status?

    The Vaga cases are very nice, and I notice one got the iLounge runner up award. Which case got the iLounge recommended award?
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    Windows NTFS file system

    I've red on another forum that NTFS causes problems when trying to sync photos onto a nano 3rd gen. I tried for ages to sync my photos with no success from my C drive which is NTFS under Windows Vista, I then copied the photos onto a FAT32 drive and they synced with no problems at all. I have...
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    does iTunes make it's own copy of videos

    If I put a ripped movie into iTunes, will iTunes make it's own copy of the movie file? ie, can I delete the ripped version from my hard drive and be left with only the copy in iTunes?
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    can you help me with a few basic questions before I purcahse an iPhone?

    Hi, I'm in the Uk and thinking about buying an iPhone. Similar to you guys in the US, the iPhone is a significant cost and hence I have been researching the product to make sure I can do what I want to do with it. I've been playing around with my wife's iPod Nano 3rd gen to see if I can...