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    Using Itunes Encoding Option and Artwork

    I have my Library in Apple Lossless format. It's set to encode it to 256k when syned with my Iphone, When I do SO artwork that is in itunes does not get to the phone. The songs show as Blank, no Artwork. If I sync it as Lossless files the artwork goes. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    FS: 1st Gen 16gb Touch for Sale

    I have a 1st Generation Ipod Touch for Sale. It is a 16gb Model It's about a year and 1/4 old. As per all my equipment it is in excelent condition, the screen is perfect. I've reset it to factory specs but it has the latest Firmware loaded. All boxes and accessories. Plus I'm throwing in both a...
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    New 64gb Touch Sensitivity

    I just received the new 64 GB Touch, it's all working well with exception of the touchscreen and videos. All the other areas are snappy and responsive to touch, in the video Area, it sometimes requires more than one tap to the screen to bring up the overlay, and sometimes it zooms like you are...
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    4g Nano using without a Case

    I'm in one of those Predicaments with an Ipod. It happened with the touch, where I felt using a case that added bulk and obscured the fantastic form factor defeated the point of the touch. I feel the same way about the new nano,anyone want to comment on the durability of the device without a case.
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    When will Apple add this very important Feature?

    Maintaining two seperate libraries is silly and un-needed. We need the ability of taking apple losseless files, and transcoding them to a lower bitrate for our ipods. J River Media Center on the PC has had this for years. Then you can keep one lossless Library and encode it to your various...
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    Why Does my New Creative Zen Have a Better Screen and

    Look Nicer than my Ipod Touch. Now Granted the Zen has alot of other Deficienceis, but the 2.5 inch screen that's only 320x240 put's to shame my Touch when put side by Side. It has much better Color and Contrast. Why Does'nt my $400 device?
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    Will Apple Fix the Titled Screen Under Warranty?

    It's been tilted and it's beginning to bug me after 5 months or so, will apple repair these, or do they send you a refurb?
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    When Are Portable Video Displays coming for the Classic?

    There's seems to be no movement on this front for the 6g. Is anything coming?
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    A Bit Dissapointed in the Screen

    I bought a Week 45 a few weeks back, overall I'm happy with it, but a bit disapointed with the Contrast on the screen, it's decent but there is still abit of a washed out appearance, the blacks are more grey than anything else. I have no negative efffects, and mostly TV shows look ok, movies...
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    Restoring a touch for the Mac

    I currently have my touch formatted for my PC and I've Paid for/Downloaded and installed the 1.13 update with the apps. I Decided I wanted to use the touch on my Mac Mini which will require a reformatting. Will I get those apps back I've paid for if I Do? Dave
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    Not getting great results with my ATV Encodes

    Lately the reults I've been getting are less than steller. I've mainly beein using either Handbrake (PC Version) or Elgato's Turbo 264 on the MAC ( I have a PPC Mini so Handbrake's Mac version is too slow for me). Everytime Elgato comes out with a new version of it's turbo app usually something...
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    Contour Showcase for Touch

    It's expensive but at least the touch does'nt feel like its gonna slip out of my hand like it did in the DLO videoshell I had. It fits nicely within the case, the Back/Power buttons are more accessable it's just an all around better case.
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    Maintaing two Video Libraries?

    How many do? Here's my Dilemna, I have both an 80gb Ipod Classic and an 8gb Nano with video. Add to the Mix an Apple TV. Both Ipods will play the Apple ATV Encodes due to Apple opening up the spec in the latest FW, but the encodes tend to be large in the 800-900mb range. No Problem for the...
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    Bought a Tuffcase from Speck

    It's pretty nice but the usual silicone problems apply it attracts lint. But it's all the apple store had. Hopefully some clear acrylic cases will show soon.
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    How Many Keeping Duplicate Libraries

    I have a Classic Ipod and Just ordered a nano. My Classic plays my Apple TV Encodes fine, but they sometime can be huge wighing in at about 800mb for an Hour Show. Fine when you have 80gb but not so much for an 8gb Nano. So I've started ripping a copy especially for the nano at 320x240 at around...
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    Got my 80 Gig Classic tonight

    So far pretty nice, I upgraded the firmware and the only time I get a little lag is going back to the main menu. The screen is a little nice on the classic, I previously had the 5 and 5.5g Ipod. On 50% it's plenty bright. The best thing for me is it plays my apple TV Encodes, even my Anamorphic...
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    Could the Touch be used with a Stylus

    Possible or No?
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    Back Protector and Cases

    Ok I ordered a 16gb, I was gonna wait, but I said that with the Apple TV too and I've enjoyed that for far too long. What's the case situation gonna be like at launch. I imagine you need something that will protect the unit but keep the face available , any suggestions?
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    Apple TV Compatibility?

    I would one of the new Ipods if , as an Apple TV Owner ,I could take my encoded Content, and play it on the New Ipod's , But the current Ipod's force me to encode to lower standards , so I basically have to keep two versions of the Same file. This looks no different, what will be it's limits...
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    Itunes 7.3 New 256 Profile

    How different is this profile from the ability to just choose custom and pick 256 as a bitrate, did Applle just pick this to match up with the new Plus format? How beneficial is going custom 256 and enabline variable bit encoding?