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    Vaja AP186 Fit

    I've been considering getting a Vaja Classic AP186 case for my 30GB iPod (5G). I've heard about past Vaja cases that the fit can be really tight on an iPod initially before the leather sretches over time. How true is this about recent Vaja cases and this one in particular? Is it hard to slip an...
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    5G serial numbers

    Just out of curiosity, what letter or number does the serial number of your 5G iPods start and end with? The Apple Store sent me a replacement 5G iPod, and I was wondering if it was refurbished (even though it doesn't seem likely) or new, based on consensus data.
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    Seam between metal and plastic shells

    Hi, I've noticed that on the seam between the plastic and metal halves of my 30GB white 5G iPod is slightly bigger on the left side of the device compared to the right side. In fact, I can't even see the seam between the two parts on the right side of my iPod, because the reveal is so tight...
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    How scratched up is yours?

    We all know nanos are easy to scratch, no doubt about it, and this thread isn't about complaining about that fact, but to poll everyone, how scratched up is your nano? Do you see scratches only under certain light, or is it really pronounced? What are the conditions it is kept in?
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    iPod mini screen anomaly?

    I recently bought a green mini, and I've noticed that at certain contrast settings, there is a pronounced vertical line on the screen, that is much lighter than the rest of the pixels on the screen. I am pretty sure it's not "ghosting" due to certain screen elements. I have attached a picture...
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    I can't believe that I bought a mini

    Today, I went to the Apple SoHo store with the intention of buying a case for my 4G iPod. Then I saw that the store had a HUGE stock of green, pink, and gold minis today. All of the boxes on the shelves were just begging to be bought. And I then I bought a green one. Apple is slowly driving me...
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    The Japanese love their minis

    And Apple knows this:
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    Safe to own a mini?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I'm considering selling my 15GB iPod for a green mini. About a while ago, I've heard reports that some minis suffered from sound problems due to the design of the board and internal connectors. But lately, I haven't much about that...
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    Dell hits a new low.

    Hmm...looks familiar... Can you say "Bizarro iPod"?
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    New iPod ads. Like or dislike?

    It's a nice change from the stark white backgrounds, I think. Still keeps in line with their traditional minimalist touch.
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    New iPod peripherals...

    I'm not sure if this is Wishlist material, so I'm posting it here. Sounds like good news. :D An AirPort enabled Dock? A Bluetooth remote? A microphone?
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    Durability issues

    Apple's hardware quality has gone somewhat down in the recent years, and I was wondering exactly how durable the new 3G iPods were, especially with the headphone jack. Is it possible for the white heaphone jack cuff to "fall into" the case if you were to plug your headphones in hard enough? Is...
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    2.0.2? What is it REALLY for?

    The ability to destroy nearby iPod competitors by quietly wiping the data from their hard drives?
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    GPerch They just announced a revised GPerch stand for the iPod, with a lower price. I'm seriously thinking about getting one. I've heard that it looks horrible, but I think it is really nice looking. Possibly, a little too much like a cheese grater, but still. :D Any...
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    Does your 3G iPod remote tarnish?

    My 2G iPod remote doesn't tarnish, but my 3G iPod remotes do. I'm on my second one and it still does this. I think Apple changed the type of metal they used for the new remotes...
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    Does tarnish build up on the remote of your 3G iPod?

    My 2G iPod remote doesn't tarnish, but my 3G iPod remotes do. I'm on my second one and it still does this. I think Apple changed the type of metal they used for the new remotes...
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    A nice set of cans?

    I'm looking to buy a really nice, amazing sounding set of cans. Preferably, a set under $70. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, I've looked into some models. Some models seem to require an "external amplifier" which I'm not completely sure what this really means. Will the iPod's built-in...
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    Dock scratches iPod?

    I recently took a look at the bottom edge of my iPod where the metal folds. I noticed many fine scratches and scuffs there, apparently as a result of rubbing against the Dock. Does anyone else have this issue? Could this be a problem in the future that the metal will wear too away too much?