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    iskin tokidoki vibes

    Anyone have pics of these? I saw the review, but I was hoping for more detailed pictures, thanks! :D iskin makes them.. but I haven't seen them in stores, or anything.
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    Pic request atomic iskin + black 5g?

    Pic request : iSkin Vibes? Anyone have pictures of this? I love my toughskin, but being the girl I am I like to change things up. I've had it for about two years and want to try anything new. I'd just love to see if anyone has the iskin vibes for the 5g video. I've only ever seen one real...
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    Short Extension?

    Hey, I'm looking for a decently cheap extension cord because the original one that came with my HJ's died out on me awhile back. I miss holding it in my hand when I go for a walk! it stays in a close coat pocket now. I need something around 3ft long like the original. All I find is really...
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    No L plug ?

    are there decent (not over $100) headphones that do not have the L shaped plug? I find these kinds crack etc when I have them plugged in cause they swivel so much as I move(and I dance around and workout and stuff).. the orig earbuds plug goes straight down with no L call me a newb if this is...
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    Finally got my speck toughskin!

    (PICTURES)Got my speck toughskin! I am very, very pleased! it is exactly how I imagined it.. perfectly everything I want .. complete protection (because I NEVER took off the clear film they put on the iPod for you when you first get it) so my click wheel is protected and my screen also has...
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    Help: Artists completely gone??

    I used iTunes art Importer to put album covers on all my music.. it had to update every single one so I didn't sit here and watch it. When I woke up the next morning and it said it was finished so I took it out and checked in (recently added) to see if they took because I had heard some people...