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    Smart playlists not updating on-the-fly

    Good morning, all. I've got a 4g iPod photo (60gb firmware v1.2). I have created a smart playlist for all my unrated music. I then use this to go through and rate the various tracks. Previously, once I rated the tracks on the iPod they were removed from the playlist, and if I re-entered that...
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    Playlists that also remove tracks from the iPod?

    I listen to a lot of audiobooks (used to listen to the CD, but now I've ripped 'em and listen to 'em from the iPod) in my car. I have set up a playlist for the book I'm currently listening to, and have it set so that if a track's playcount is 1 or higher the track is removed from the playlist...
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    Gah!! Stupid foam on the earbuds!!

    What do y'all do to keep the foam on your earbuds?? the foam covers on the stock earbuds keeps coming off everytime I pull them out of my ears, or out of my pocket, or out of my backpack... Should I dip the earbuds into glue before I put the foam covers back on?! :) And, no, buying new...
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    How is play count determined?

    How is postcount determined? Does a song have to play 100% to be "counted"? or is there some other percentage? Does getting 30 seconds into a song then deciding to skip to the next one still count as "played" for that song you just skipped?
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    Not auto moving/renaming files - Maybe resolved?

    (warning, semi-long, semi-techie, but might be useful if others are having similar issues ;) ) 1. Opening & problem description Recently, I had an issue with iTunes. I had "Keep Music Folder Organized" checked, in the preferences. But, when I would edit the ID3 tags for various tracks, iTunes...
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    Solio - Anyone tried one of these? Kinda curious as to how well they work. Would be a great way to charge up the iPod when I go backpacking. :)