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    power support illusion case

    So i recently ordered the Power Support Illusion case for my 5g ipod. UPS seemed to take their time getting it here and it took over a week. when it finally came, they wanted another 30 dollars on top of the 11 i already paid for shipping. this is a problem because i wont pay more for shipping...
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    Logic type program.

    Are there any windows type programs for making beats? like not fruity loops but like a program similar to Logic that supports midi sequencing? Preferably cheap or free (as in, not reason).
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    Freshmen Adjustment 2

    Its what Kanye West recorded pre-car crash and pre-college drop out. anyone heard it? I like it alot more than college dropout and late registration.
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    Just saw metric.

    and i must say. one of the best shows ive been to in a long time.
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    circuit bent ipod.

    Someone circuit bent a 3g (even though it says 2g) ipod into a pitch bender for a guitar. A bit of a waste of an ipod if you ask me. I still think its neat though. edit- it just sounds like a guitar but it has...
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    serial pci card in powermac 7200

    so i decided to power on the old powermac 7200 that was given to me because it had a card for audio recording. I noticed that it has some midi programs are still on it. The problem is if i wanted to hook up a keyboard with a midi interface i would need either a usb or serial port. It doesnt have...
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    applecare after warranty has expired

    I realized that the warranty on my ipod has expired. Is it possible for me to buy an applecare extended warranty after my original warranty is gone?
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    burning problem

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. When I try to burn a cd on itunes a message pops up telling me that "The attemp to burn a disc failed An unknown error occured (2122)". Ive tried changing the burn speed like it said to on another thread but it didnt do anything. I...
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    PSP networking

    I'm trying to create a network on my psp with a wireless network in my house. I guess I dont have my ssid being broadcasted because when I scan it doesnt find anything. Where would I find my ssid so I can enter it in manually?
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    Linux on a 4g and downgrading.

    I decided to put iPod linux on my ipod. I got the installer from the website and realized that the latest firmware doesnt work. How do I downgrade? the only other updater I could find was 2004-08-06. When I open the updater all it says is restore. How do I downgrade? Update-Problem Solved...
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    The apple website says that to use garageband you need at least a 600MHz g3. Do you absolutley need 600MHz or will it run on less?
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    iMac g3

    So as I was riding down the road, minding my own buisness, I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a coloured monitor with a handle and I thought "I know what looks like a coloured monitor with a handle". I was a imac g3. I figured it was broken so I brought it home to see what was...
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    dvd movie's

    I was wondering what a good program would be for burning ripped dvd movies. Nero doesnt work for that type.. Not that I would do such a thing as copying dvds:p
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    iPod mini not recognized.

    I have a 20gig iPod on my computer and it works fine. My friend just got a second generation ipod mini. He doesnt have a compyter so I offered to let him use mine until he gets one. I updated it and formatted it to my computer. My computer recognizes it but iTunes does not. What should be done...
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    Songs not in order.

    My iTunes ripped one of my cd's and didnt place them in the right order. I checked the info and they are tagged correctly (like it says song # of # and is the correct number). Is there anyway to fix this?
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    7200 connections

    I just got a sound card for recording audio onto my computer. MY uncle gave it to me along with the computer it was in. The computer is a Powermac 7200/120. Apart from not knowing how to open it, my monitor, keyboard or mouse. The last two are ps/2. Am I going to need to buy old apple accessories?
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    Hard drive replacement

    I was just offered a 10gig 3g for $20 but the harddrive is broken. I've seen places that sell replacement harddrives but i dont know where. I searched and googled it but i cant find it. Any help would be great Thanks.
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    Soon to be a mac user.

    I have been asking my uncle who is a mac only user about home audio recording hardware and software because he is a proffesional recording technition. I was talking to him about a soundcard that supports a specific program for recording and he went to go see what he had on his old powermac (he...
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    Dumb kid broke my EX71s

    So today I was listening to music in history and this idiot decides to start talking to me (hes not an idiot because he was talking to me). I couldnt ear him so he decides to be stupid and rip my earphone out of my ear with great force. Those of you who own the ex71s know how weak they are and...
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    Gift from lajo

    I've remember seeing an earlier thread on this but failed to find it. I was wondering how you get the bonus gifts from lajo? Like do you put them in the cart and then they are free?