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    Grrr. . .

    Why hasn't annouced the winner of the 6/1/03 raffle to win a 30 GB iPod yet? . . "One winner will be selected at random and announced HERE on 6/1/03. So keep checking this page. If you are the winner, you must contact us and we will verify your identity." :(
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    What Does. . ?

    Your workstation look like? Here's mine:
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    I Love My 5 GB WiniPod

    No skips, I ran down the driveway full speed with it and it didn't skip once. No ticks between tracks either, just pure clean sound. Everything works, all the songs are in the right order. They play in the right order also. I get 5.50 MB/second transfer rates with EPHPod, and I can play AAC...
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    How to?

    Rip DTS CD's, I have Sting's Album "Ten Summoner's Tales." & The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over," both great album's but I want to get them on my PC somehow.
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    You Know What ####es Me Off?

    People who cheat by breaking there iPod on purpose to get a "new" one. .I just couldn't make myself do that. It is such a precious piece of machinery. .And you know some people acually get what they wanted! I mean someone breaks their iPod, gets a new one, really ####es me off. .Almost wish they...
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    Apple should make it possible for the iPod to show its temp on the LCD screen, to the left of the battery meter. So this way we can tell if it's getting to hot or not. .and also we won't need to use our judgement (by feeling it) to know when to take it back to the retail store. Apple should say...
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    A question about cases. .

    I was going to go with this case, but then I found this case. Now since the second case has Clear vinyl protection for iPod buttons, I was wondering if this would have any effect on the usage of the iPod. Like is this case for just keeping it in, or could you operate the iPod in it with no...