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    Did you 4GB nano ship from Amazon?

    Did your 4GB nano ship from Amazon? I pre-ordered my 4gb ipod nano from amazon. now the website changed and it says in stock soon. i remember when the ipod mini came out i had the same situation on amazon. it said in stock soon on the website but i had my ipod mini shipped to me. other people...
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    shuffle not mouting? this is how to fix it

    Ok, i got my ipod shuffle and when i plugged it into my keyboard it would just blink green. when i plug it into usb on back of mac, nothing at all would happen. when i plugged it into usb2 pci card also in my mac, it would work for a minute or 2 and then stop. on my wifes pbook 12inch it worked...
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    Ok, my pics of the Blue, Pink and Green minis

    I would have silver mini pics also except my sisters fiancee cant bear parting with his for a few minutes! Blue Mini Green Mini Pink Mini Bonus Blue Mini w/ Shure E2
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    New iPod mini packaging... and it sucks!

    so i got my third mini in the mail today, this time its for my sisters fiance and its silver. strangely thought the amazon box seemed small... and not very high. something felt strange right away, could amazon have mixed up my order? I open the box to find another tiny brown box, now i knew...
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    My Belkin TuneCast II review with pictures

    Ok, I had a first generation iTrip with a second generation ipod. When i sold my ipod i sold my itrip with it. I then purchased a blue mini and decided to get another FM transmitter. My options were, itrip mini, monster cables icarplay and the Belkin TuneCast II. I decided NOT to go with the...
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    Anyone gotten there $50 off Amazon yet?

    i ordered my mini when they had the buy over 50$ worth of electonics and u get a 50$ coupon. I Havent received my coupon yet and am wondering if anyone else has received it yet?
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    How different are the Sennheiser's PX200 from the Shure E2s?

    I have Shure E2s and I really like them. But I am now considering the Sennheiser PX200 since they seem to have more bass and am hoping are louder. Anyone here tried both? IF so could u please tell me the differences between the 2.
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    Software update for mini gives it 4G ipod options!

    According to Think Secret, Apple is set to pull the wraps off of a software update for the iPod Mini which would provide the same functionality as the current big brother click-wheel iPod. The update should include the single-click shuffle function, variable-rate audiobook playback, multiple...
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    Any ladies here using Shures?

    will be getting an ipod mini for my gf and definetly want to get her some Shures. I currently have the E2s and am using the small sized sleeves. i am guessing but girls ears should be smaller then mine (i am 6'1) so i would like to know if any girl here has them and uses them without size issues.
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    OT: To ZoidbergD and other MacDebaters

    hey, what was your nick in MacDebate? yeah the site is down now and i am trying to get a hold of everyone. So far me, LJordan and ccsccs7 have relocated to, there is even a thread there for us MacDebate refugees. come and join...
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    iPod vs. The Cassette

    didnt know if you guys had seen this yet:
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    My Autographed mini

    signed by Tony Fadell the creator of the iPod, a REALLY cool guy!
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    Whats your mini called?

    I called my mini Blue Whale
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    Here are pics i took of Green and Blue mini side by side

    blue is mine green is my sisters white my brothers note: i took a couple of shots on my sony clies green box just so u can better see the greenishness of the mini
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    Lousy Software update for minis available now

    this is total BS. apple just posted updated software for the ipods if you notice we dont get any of the new software features of the new ipods!! come on apple when i had a second generation ipod i understood but when i have a brand new mini i expect to have...
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    Picture of the NEW iPod!!!

    here is a picture of the new ipod, finally they fixed the crappy buttons
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    new yellow, orange and purple ipods next month?

    A few days ago thinksecret reported that news ipods would be released next month and they would be yellow, orange and purple and have larger harddrives then the current ipdos. today they are reporting on monday they will be releasing new white...
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    Amazon Still Shipping Minis

    Ordered green mini on july 9th, it shipped out today on the 13th. From
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    AAC 192kb or VBR 192kb for my E2s?

    since i got my E2s i have been converting cds to AAC 192kb, is that good? I know its better then 128kb mp3 format but is 192kb AAC the best of the 192kb size formats? I read some people telling me to use VBR which i am guessing from itunes is importing as MP3 and enabling VBR. Is importing at...
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    Here are pics of E2's with blue mini