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    Have any of you expanded the headphone hole on your evo3?

    I have an evo 3, and since the beginning of summer I thought that my ipod was busted and that the headphones jack was getting loose. After some expirimentation that led me to realize that it was my evo3 that blocked the stereo plug from connecting completely, I came here and searched to find out...
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    Powering off in video mode vs. audio mode

    I just got a 5g ipod for christmas (I had a 3g ipod for 2.5 years now), and when I am watching a video, I find that holding down the play button doesn't turn the ipod off. It seems I have to start playing an audio file and then turn it off. Does anybody have the same problem?
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    er-6i problem. Does this mean its time to change the filter?

    The right ear bud of my ER-6i occasionally loses volume, and it seems to happen when the chord is jiggled in a certain way (not sure how). Does this mean its time to change the filters, or are the buds just dead. It doesn't always happen, but it does at random times.
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    iTrip antenna boost, illegal for some This could be illegal for you, depending on where you live, but it will most likely not be noticed by any authorities. I myself have not tried it.
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    Can I compress the itrip frequencies?

    Is it possible to compress the itrip frequencies to some really low bitrate and still have them work? They are not really a space problem, but I was just wondering.
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    Cheap head unit that plays cd's, fm radio, and has a line in on the front for my ipod

    I dont really know where to look for head units or anything, but I want to find the cheapest one that will do these things well enough. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    1990 mercedes 300e and an Eclipse cd3421

    I have an older car, a 1990 mercedes, and a few years ago (while my sister was driving it) the cd player stopped working, so we installed a new one. From what I read in the manual, it has a cd changer input somewhere in the back, and I was wondering if this was an easy way to get high quality...
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    Normalizer for m4a files

    Are there programs like mp3gain that normalize m4a (aac) files that I create with itunes? I dont want to use the sound check thing, because that runs down the battery.
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    New iTunes 4.1.1 update

    Anyone know what it does?
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    Does anyone normalize their mp3's when encoding? Does it affect the quality or anything?
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    Shure E2c review for those who are interested has a review of the Shure E2c earbuds. If anyone is interested, this is one way of getting an opinion of the phones from someone who has done alot of headphone reviews (the site also has reviews of a couple of sony earbuds).
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    Best cover songs (all genres, does not include songs that are sampled)

    I like cover songs. They are a great way to find out about new artists and they are also a great way to liven up old classics (its what makes tribute albums so good). Everyone who wants to, post a couple of good cover songs (or if you want, all of the ones you like, I just didnt want to spend...
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    Possible bug (for the bug thread) confirmation

    If I make an on the go playlist, and then I play a song (I selected the song from the interface, not from the playlist), and it doesnt matter if the song is on the playlist, but if I clear the playlist, the song stops playing. So to clear that giant run-on sentence up: I add song x to a...
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    Can I return my ipod if...

    I bought my ipod from the apple website, and occasionally I have problems where the play button does not respond. I was wondering if it could be exchanged at an apple store, but if it could, I was a bit worried because I don't know exactly how to replicate it and I am afraid they would not allow...
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    Does anyone think that the belkin battery pack can be modified?

    I recently bought the belkin battery pack (it is a necessary evil because I will be in germany for three weeks soon) and it came in the mail today. I plugged it in to check it out, and I noticed that while it is in, the battery meter on the ipod becomes a solid block instead of bars (I guess...
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    Is this considered a bug?

    I have a song with one of those "n"s that has a curvy little ~ over it ("A Perfect Circle - Brena"), and as long as that is in the id title, it wont play, but removing that character and replacing it with a normal one fixes the problem. I then went to another song that had an upside down...
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    Battery usage while playing AAC vs MP3

    Does anyone know if playing AAC uses up a different amount of battery than MP3 at the same bitrate? I would imagine that if it did, it would use more, but I am just checking.
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    I just cant seem to encode AAC correctly

    I tried using CDEX, and the psytel thing it has, and then for the codec part that you have to specify the path to, I used the aacenc_mpeg4.exe that the guy who made sveta packaged with the latest build (more on that later). I get files that have actual size relative to their length, but when I...
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    Which EQ setting do you use?

    I wanted to create a poll, but I didnt want to make one with 20+ options (and that didnt matter, because the max is 10) but which EQ setting do you use, and if you wish to comment on it, what music do you listen to on your ipod, and perhaps whether or not you use the apple earbuds (ive noticed...
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    Best earbuds under 100$

    Hello, I was looking for earbuds (because I don't really like apples) and I was hoping to spend under a hundred dollars (but I suppose I am willing to go over). I use Ministry of Sound IXOS dj1003 headphones at home, and they annihilate the apple earbuds, and after using the ixos headphones for...