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    Importing iTunes music problem!

    Over the last few days I have brought songs from iTunes and then burned them to CD and then re-imported them into iTunes to get over the protected bit, so they will play on my ipod. (why can't apple sort this out) -- But my problem is that when I import the songs the track names and artist...
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    Itunes moved to new HDD

    Hi all, In the next month I am going to be getting a new HDD, so ill have two in my PC. Now what i want to do is move everything iTunes related to the new HDD. I know you can change the place where the songs are kept. But what do i do about itunes itself (the software), because i am going to...
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    PIONEER CD-IB100 adapter...does anybody have one?

    Hi guys and gals, I have seen that pioneer have aa adapter for the ipod. Just wanted to know does anybody have one and was it easy to fit etc... as i am tempted to get one. I do have a pioneer head unit a...
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    I have a car, i have an iPod...

    How do i combine the two. I have a aftermarket hueadunit a Pioneer P5630MP And would like to know how i can get to play my iPod in the car through the headunit?? I heard that Alpine have made a cable for their headunits. will there...
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    Album WON'T play on IPOD!!!

    I have just D/L Voltage Overload a Tribute to AC/DC and it playes in iTunes, but no on my ipod. The files are ACC protected. what can i do?? Cheers mods...i hope this is in the right place. ICHIBAN aka Darren
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    Look how sad i am...

    Making my Dell 8300 desktop look like a Apple Mac OS X what will i do next.... an Apple Mac ;) ICHIBAN
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    UK single of the week (iTunes)

    Has anyone Downloaded it yet? The cong is constantly Running by Stoney
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    Went in the Apple Store, Regent Street today...

    WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW What a great store. love the open layout and design. well worth the trip to london. I loved the glass stair case that you look at as you walk in the store. I tried a G5 that had two 30" monitors...i got lost on them :( also tried a ibook (laptop) that had the 30"...
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    Mac forums? are there any?

    As above really. Forums, vBulletin etc... for Mac users. Cheers ICHIBAN P.S. Mods, was not sure where to put this so put in here, please move it if in wrong place...Sorry.
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    iPodlounge font?

    I want to make a iPodlounge wallpaper for myself and would like to know what font is the website logo?. Cheers ICHIBAN
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    Spare Battery

    Ive had my ipod since Christmas day, and i have used quite a lot since i got it all sorted and put my music on it and i have notieced that the battery power seems to dispear very quickly. So you you where to go out and you where not going near a mains power outlet you might get a bit stuck. Is...
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    whats going on? help?

    I got an iPod for christmas, like many others and i set it up blah blah as was fine, then i added some more songs into itunes and then i connected the iPod into the iDock connected with the USB2 cable and nothing happened. Nothing showed up in my computer nothing, so i tried the Firewire cable...
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    Bose QuietComfort® 2 Headphones

    Any boby got a pair, as when i get my ipod (christmas) i am thinking about getting some. The rrp is 275.00, but on ebay there are some really good deals on them ??200. any thought on them with the ipod Cheers ICHIBAN
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    My iPod arrived today...yay!

    As above really, but i wont get it untill the Big day :( and i can't wait :D ICHIBAN
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    How do you get your own banner/advatar to sho up, ive tried but it comes up with a x :( Cheers ICHIBAN
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    Just to clear something up

    HI all, I thought that i better join this forum as i am getting an G4 20gb Ipod for Christmas...yay! So i decided to start putting all my CD's into itunes. so far ive done 1957 song ranging between 128, 160, 192 and a few at 320 kbps in MP3 format = 10.21 GB So at that rate i won't be able to...