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    What's on your iPod?

    I recently discovered iTunes Publisher and was able to finally publish a list of the music on my iPod easily. What a great little app. Here's my Current Favorites Playlist. And my Full Library. Anyone know of any other apps that do this?
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    My iPod Install is in Newsweek!

    I haven't seen the print version of the magazine yet (will pick it up at lunch today), but the dork on the left side of the "iPod Nation" feature on the []Newsweek homepage[/url] is me :D
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    Finally...iPod hard-wired in my Infiniti G35

    PAC finally shipped their AUX kit for Infiniti/Nissan so I spent Father's Day re-doing my install. I've updated my DIY Instructions and added new pics. -Ken
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    Unpublished AUX IN solution for Murano, Altima & Maxima owners

    The following was posted on by a representative of Pacific Audio, who is about to release a "fixed" version of their AAI-NIS adapter for Infiniti G35's: Here's the full thread. I would definitely contact PAC with questions before ordering, but it looks like a legitimate option...
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    Source for Mini 1/8" to RCA cable with L plug

    Anyone know of a good source for an RCA to Mini 1/8" stereo jack with an L-shaped (right angle) plug? The only one I could find was a Radio Shack and I'm not sure I'll be happy with the quality. I'll need it for my install since the space I have behind my dock is limited. Here's a link for...
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    Music from DVD to iTunes?

    Anyone know how to transfer music from a DVD to iTunes? Specifically, I have some DVD Audio/Video discs that contain music tracks encoded in MLP 5.1, PCM 2.0, DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1. Obviously, iTunes and iPod likely won't play any of those formats, but I'm wondering if there is a way I can...
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    DIY Site for my Infiniti G35 iPod install

    I finally got around to creating a DIY site for my iPod install. Check it out: Just pushed it live today so let me know what you think and/or how I can improve it. -Ken
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    Infiniti G35 Install

    Here it is finally... Unfortunately, I'm still using an FM Transmitter, but once Blitzsafe comes out with their AUX kit, I'll wire it directly into the SAT input. The plate is actually just cut out of a plastic 3-ring binder. It's pretty thick and sturdy, but I'd love to have it more rigid. I...
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    Any Infiniti G35 Installs?

    Hi. New to the forum here and I noticed there are a ton of great installs here so I figured I'd join. Would love to know if anyone has done an Infiniti G35. My hope is to somehow connect a dock to the pop-out ash tray, but the stock Apple one is a bit too big. I'd also like to hard-wire it...