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    The 60GB iPod has more RAM than the 30GB

    Haven't posted here in months or years. Anyway, my 60GB iPod has a 64MB RAM buffer compared to the 32MB found in all previous iPods. Dissections posted around the net of the 5G 30GB iPod show it only has a 32MB buffer. When you go into diagnostic mode, hit Menu to go to "Menual Test," go to...
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    How the 4th gen iPod achieves better battery life

    I think I've found how the 4th gen iPod has longer battery life despite being smaller than the 3rd gen iPod. The 4th gen iPod I believe achives the "50%" greater battery life by a couple of interesting ways: 1) Better battery - for obvious reasons 2) Improved hard drive read speed - the 4g...
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    Annoying signatures everywhere

    Don't you guys think the signatures are getting out of hand? Everyone and their mother, dog, and cat has one. When you scroll through a thread, sometimes the signatures take up more lines/space on the screen than the actual messages. And then there are those annoying signatures with pictures...
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    iTunes prevents computer from going to sleep

    While iTunes is playing music, I cannot put my computers to sleep! I put both my laptop and desktop computers to sleep rather than shutting down so that when I turn them back on, it takes 5 seconds to get back up and running. With previous versions of iTunes, I could put them both to sleep...
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    My mini has a defective hard drive in which one cluster is bad, meaning data can be written to that one cluster but can't be read off it correctly. In my case, one cluster means only 4KB of space is lost. I became aware of the problem by doing the mini's own self-disk scan. To do the scan...
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    iPod mini praises and complaints...

    I have a 3rd gen 20GB iPod and was totally not planning on picking up a mini until today when I made an impulse purchase at my campus bookstore. Anyway, we've all read the praises, but I'm bored and feel like listing my complaints with the mini. 1) $249 and no dock? If a dock were included, I...
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    How loud is the clicker?

    I can hardly hear the mini's clicker in a quiet room. Is it supposed to be quiet or as loud as the regular iPod?
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    iTunes/gearsec.exe slowing windows shutdown

    Gearsec.exe, the CD burning component of iTunes, slows Windows shutdown on all 3 of my computers, and probably on all computers as well. If I stop the service before shutting down Windows, it takes 5 seconds to shut down. If I don't manually stop it, Windows takes 20-25 seconds for Windows to...
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    Firmware 2.1 has new buffering scheme

    I discovered just now that firmware 2.1 finally gives the iPod an efficient buffering scheme that I had directly told Apple about a long time ago before 3G iPods and again right after the 3G ipods were released.. Partial files are now loaded into the buffer if space permits. Before, only whole...
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    FS: Belkin TuneCast FM transmitter

    I have a practically brand new Belkin Tune Cast FM transmitter for sale. It works well in my Ford Explorer, my dad's Explorer, and my mom's Mercedes. $22 shipped to anywhere in the US. Product link...
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    long filename import bug

    I found a bug where importing files with long filenames (over 64 characters maybe?) doesn't work. I'm quite annoyed at having to shorten the filenames to get iTunes to import them!
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    Firmware 2.1

    How is it?
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    Can someone send me 2.0.2?

    I got a new iPod (20GB with blue screen, pretty much evenly lit) which came with 2.0.2 installed. But to use it on a PC, of course I had to do a restore but the software on the CD was 2.0.1. So now I'm stuck with 2.0.1, but I liked how the contrast setting was better with 2.0.2 and that the...
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    Awful awful time with new ipod

    So I sold my 30GB iPod because I wanted to get the 15GB model for various reasons... I went to the Apple Store and picked up a 15GB model. Got home, recharged it for a few hours, reset it, went into diagnostic mode, and did the HDD SCAN test and it passed. (Read on to find out why I even...
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    Invisible PDA screen protector case

    For anyone who didn't see it in the old forums, here are some pics of my 30GB iPod wrapped in PDA screen protector to form an invisible "case." Everything is covered except the hole for the dock, headphone, and hold switch. (It's white backlight iPod, btw.)