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    Hows it goin'?

    How is everyone at the ipodlounge. I havent been here for a while-has anything changed? I have been very busy but now i am trying to make time for the important things like coming on here again etc. So what does everyone think to the white psp(below)-it looks really good doesn't it in tradmark...
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    Putting iPod songs onto new iBook?!

    Right I have just got the new iBook but have just realised...I don't know how to get my songs onto the iBook. When I try and link my ipod to the ibook it blanks it and says if I want to link it only to this library. I heard of some software which could be used to extract songs off the ipod and...
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    Oh..the possibilities of an itrip in a french class!

    A few days ago I was in my french class revising while listening to my ipod..when my teacher turned the radio on and I thought "hmmm....I have just bought an itrip shall i try it?"...but I didnt know what to do because i couldnt exactly go up and put it onto a clear station. So I tried to to do...
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    I have no idea of why or how this happened?

    Right; so I lent out my ipod to my brother and I linked it up to my computer this morning and on iTunes it said: iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPod "Shaun Lawler's iPod". Use the iPod Software Updater application to restore the iPod to factory settings. So...
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    Just Got Back From School Prom!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO! It was mental the tunes were amazing; the people were ace! I dont want to leave school now I'll miss it! Just thought i'd share that wid yah......___if im been a bit wierd dont worry i aint mental...just a bit ####ed! cya dudes and dudettes......... Shaun Lawler :D :D :D :D :D...
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    OMG! where are lajos adverts on the site?

    Why arent Lajo's adverts on the site any more....has Dennis fallen out with him again? I dont see what his problem is.....all this stuff about Lajo getting banned from the site....I think it is just stupid? I think its a bit immature and a stupid business decision on the part of Dennis...he...
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    Who was it?

    Iread somewhere about a 14 yr old from US who could put weather updates or pics on his ipod, how did he do this? Anyone know?
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    Whhat would be the best way to do this?

    Right downstairs i have a mac which i use for my ipod/music etc? Now i have just bought a pc upstairs; what would be the best way to convert all of my songs onto that, i have both on broadband thru a router......any help would be GREATLY appriciated! Cheers, theipodking p.s. i still want...
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    Is this possible?

    Right i use my mac dfor mu ipod etc, but ive just got a pc and was just wonder ing if i could upload all my music onto that and use that also, is it possible to use both? Has anyone trieds this? Could someone please help!
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    Is There An Internal Speaker In The Ipod?

    When the alarm goes off, there is a little sound that comes from the ipod, and also the sound from th clicker; where does this sound come from? Is there a secret little speaker inside that Jobs hasn't told us about? Hmmmm......
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    Where can you get WHITE sony ex71's in UK?

    Anyone know where to get some? I dont really want to order from abroad because i dont want to import taxes etc? Where have other people in UK got their WHITE ones from? Cheers, theipodking
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    Lajo's brand new clip looks great!

    This is Lajos brand new clip (on the link below), it comes in a lot of different colours, and the design looks great! I will be one of the first to buy one when they go on sale! Lajo just wondered if you were planning on making a glow in the dark clip...
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    Lajo, any more news on a heat sensitive case?

    Just wondering if it is still possible to do this, I know we have talked about this in the past; and just was wondering if you were still considering making one of these cases?
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    I sit worth buying itrip in the UK?

    Hi, i now have the chance to buy an itrip for ?45, is it worth buying in UK as ive heard some bad reviews! I live in the yorkshire area, so if anyone has tried it round there, could u let me know how it works... chheers! Theipodking
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    Oh My God..ipod Dropped Off Iskin..why?

    Oh My God..ipod Dropped Off belt bcos of belt clip..why? I was walking outside with my ipod in its case clipped to my belt with the belt clip fell on the floor and CRASH, I picked it up and found a hair line crack on the plastic and it seems to be running slower? The belt clip...
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    Can someone please post a pic of the black pearl skin.. the website because I dont have IE so i cant see it! Cheers theipodking
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    Whats the itrip like in the UK?

    Anyone got one in the UK, what is it like, does it sound alright, where is the best place to use it etc. Where did you buy it from? Cheers, I'm thinking of buying one if they are good enough! theipodking
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    Anyone tried the soundbug?

    It supposed to be quite cool, all you do it stick it to a hrd surface and , voila you have a speaker; don't ask me how it works, but i saw it on under the speakers section. I'm thinking of buying one, anyone heard of it? theipodking
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    When does the new belt clip come out from Lajo

    Does anyone know when it comes out, you can supposedly use it with an exo and xsn for jogging etc. " It becomes part of the body!?" Anyone know where any pics are, Lajo when are there gonna be any pics, and when's it been released?