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    Synchronizing bookmarks manually

    I just got an iPod Nano for listening while cycling, running, working out etc. and I love it -- I actually find that I'm using it a lot more than I expected to. However I'm having a problem with synchronizing audio book bookmarks: Since my audio collection is way larger than the Nano's capacity...
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    Synchronizing bookmarks on 2 iPods?

    I have a 60GB Photo and listen to a lot of audio books. At the moment I'm considering getting a Shuffle or a Nano for listening while cycling, working out in the gym and for other activities when I don't want to carry the 60GB Photo with me. What I'm not quite sure about is how to synchronize...
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    AL iM7 - wicked scratches on iPod screen

    Does anyone else have problems with wicked scratches on the iPod screen caused by the Altec Lansing InMotion 7? I just bought my iM7 yesterday and the design, specs and sound are terrific. But I'm still very upset and disappointed: I've just inserted and removed my iPod Photo 60GB once and it...
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    Camera connector useless - alternatives?

    One of the main reasons I got the 60GB iPod photo was to use it as a photo wallet as well as a music machine. I am totally disappointed and frustrated. The Camera Connector is effectively useless -- it only transfers at USB 1.1 speed, doesn't work with most card readers and it is impossible to...
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    Clean install of Audible Manager?

    I'm having terrible trouble getting the Audible Manager software to run again after a mess-up and Audible support is completely useless -- I have the impression they know less than I do and they only give boilerplate answers. I'm running on Windows XP and this is my situation: For a while I...
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    Storing songs by genre?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hi! My new iPod Photo 60GB (my very first iPod!) should be arriving today and I've spent the last couple of days getting into iTunes and importing music. In the process I've run up against a problem: iTunes can automatically create...