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    iPhones really weigh 5.12 ounces..

    This isn't a huge issue for 99% of people but I'd thought I throw this into the mix. The iPhone weights 5.12 ounces. Atleast the 8gb model anyways.. I'm assuming the 4gb might be the 4.8 ounces they claim. I have access to a multiple-thousand dollar weighing machine at my work's warehouse...
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    Is it safe to say any current gooseneck Nano car mounts will work...

    ...with the 2nd gen Nano as well? Jay
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    Leaving 2g Nano on USB all the time?

    Do you think this will produce negative effects on the battery life by leaving the Nano plugged into the usb for long periods of time? If the Nano is able to go into trickle charge mode or turn off the charging circuit completely once the battery is fully charged, then it shouldn't hurt...
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    Itunes 7 download on is missing..

    Looks like someone made a big screw up and removed the file from the Apple servers.. can someone direct me to a alternate download location for Itunes 7? I just bought a 2nd gen Nano tonight and can't even use it because of this crap. They can't pack in a CD and they can't even keep their...
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    My thoughts on the Creative Zen Xtra..

    I'm not a IPOD hater.. I owned a 3rd gen for a long time before it got stolen from my car. I thought long and hard about what my next Mp3 player purchase would be .. I bought the Zen Xtra on an impulse at Best Buy because of it's attractive price. It was $250 for a 40 gig model. Boasting...
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    Docking station, earphones, case, etc.

    Selling my 3rd gen 20gigger IPOD accessories on ebay..
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    Is it normal to need...

    The volume cranked up to MAXIMUM to get any decent volume output when using the headphone jack + auxiliary input with my car headunit? Cause that's what it takes.. other than that, it sounds really good. I have firmware 2.1 on the unit. Jay