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    Happy with your iPhone?

    I'm waiting to pull the trigger until the iPhone is up to 32 GB, but I was wondering how many of you iPhone purchasers are happy with them? If you had your money back, would you buy it again? Would you wait for other features or more capacity? Do you use it as much as you thought you would...
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    2 External Hard Drives & 1 Laptop

    I've been using one external hard drive with my laptop, but I'd like to start using a second one so I've got a copy of my library at home and at work. Any ideas on how to keep things organized between the two (i.e. when adding new music, podcasts, etc.) without getting too complicated? Thanks
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    Tivo Lifetime subscription

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. For those of you thinking about buying a TiVo, you might want to do it tonight, or tomorrow - if you are wanting to buy the lifetime subscription because they won't be offering it after midnight tomorrow night (10/16). For those of...
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    Give yourself the gift of music

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Paypal has a new promotion with iTunes Music Store: Send a gift certificate to someone using paypal and get free song credits (gift certificate...
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    Hillary's on a rampage

    My wife just got a winning pepsi code (actually took one of mine, but that's another story) and was having difficulty using it. She is not a big iTunes user and does not have an iPod... as the story progresses you will see why. She was livid, or close to it... and tried explaining why. She...
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    Headphone Amp

    I recently bought a headphone amp from Norm at, and I am blown away. It is very clean and solid (mint-vibe amp) with nicely placed padding to keep the battery in check. I thought my Etys were wonderful before.... this is a huge improvement - it really makes them sound sweet.
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    Why DRM is bad.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. This article gives a convincing breakdown on why DRM is bad, not just for us, the consumers, but also for the manufacturers - some people just can't think out of the box.
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    Help - "juicing iTrip"

    I was checking to see if there was a way to boost the signal for one of the in the car iPod broadcast devices (iTrip, iCar.....). I know it would be against federal regulations, but come on.... I'm only talking about juicing it a little.
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    Five Stars

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I've notice a number of polls asking for best albums, favorite artist....; this question comes down to who and how you rate. Which artist/group has the most 5 star songs? (only about 10% of my songs are rated and so I'll give you...