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    Podcast Software on OS 10.2

    Is there any way for me to receive podcasts if I don't have OS 10.3.x? I'm on 10.2 and all the apps (iPodder, for instance) just quit out when I try and open them. If anyone is using 10.2 or earlier, can you tell me how you are receiving your podcasts (what software)? Thanks,
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    Belkin Media Reader and iPod Photo

    Does anyone know what the situation is regarding the Belkin Media Reader and the iPod Photo? On the 3G/4G iPods, the photos were obviously not available for viewing. My question is this: when you transfer your photos using the Media Reader does it treat them as if you have transfered them via...
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    Anyone have Sennheiser HD 497s?

    If you have tried or currently use Sennheiser HD 497 headphones I'm interested in hearing what you think of them. I bought a pair yesterday after trying them instore, but I'm interested in seeing what other people think of them. Me? I think they offer quite well-rounded sound - no emphasis on...
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    Broken Button

    I've got a 5GB iPod, which I bought in August last year. It has one year of Apple warranty. Anyway, today I was listening to a tune and I pressed the ">>" (next) button. For some reason, it got stuck and it won't seem to come out. My iPod still works fine, but whenever I even touch that button...
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    2 million song purchases in sixteen days I never expected that. Two million songs... just imagine when Apple let's international users in, not to mention Windows users! :eek:
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    I don't mean to start debate but... PC Owners, why don't you use a Mac?

    So, you've seen how great Apple is at creating software and hardware after purchasing the iPod. So, why do you still use your PC? I have been wondering this for a long time, why (some) PC iPod users seem so intent on keeping their PCs and I thought this might be the place to go to find out. I...
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    Old 'Pods or New 'Pods?

    Do you prefer the look of the new iPod (gen 3) or of the old iPod (gen 1 & 2)? Personally, I like them both. I loved the gen 3 iPod when it first came out, but I have began to prefer the older iPods more and more in terms of looks. They are just more "bold" and striking, even if they aren't as...