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    Agent 18 Clearshield

    Does anyone have one? I just ordered one. If you do have one or have had one, is it? I really hope it's good because it's the best see-thru case I've seen so far. Link to case
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    Thanks Switcheasy!

    I went through the biggest scare of my life today. I had my iPhone 3G along with my binder in my hand. I just got out of the bus. I opened the door of my house then while I was closing it, I dropped my iPhone 3G right on a curved piece of metal that is there right when you step in. It landed on...
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    2.2 Firmware to have Streetview!! Woot!
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    My iPhone 3G's plastic back cracked!

    On Friday I examined the back of my iPhone just to find that it has 3 small cracks around the headphone jack. I've heard of Lang other stories of cracked iPhone 3G's because the plastic isn't as strong as the old aluminum. People have been just going back and getting it replaced for free. I'm...
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    Battery saving tip

    When you have 5 bars of EDGE, use it! It is pretty fast. I'd say almost as fast as 3G. It also takes way less battery than 3G does. Also, on the iPhone 3G you get much better EDGE reception than on the first iPhone because of that plastic back. So you usually have 4-5 bars of EDGE. This will...
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    Super Monkey Ball?

    Have any of you guys beat it? I bought it the day it came out and was disssapointed but I started playing it yesterday and now I love it. I beat the first world on easy and hard and the second world on easy. I am now trying to beat the second world on hard. Where are you guys in the game? Do you...
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    How to make free ringtones. I made a quick video on it. There is a step by step explanation in the link in the video description. :cool:
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    Home button?

    Since I've gotten my iPhone 3G the home button has felt hard to press. I had an iPod touch before and it was simple to press the home button on that. Is the iPhone's home button supposed to be harder to press than the iPod touch's? I have to press very hard to get the button to work, is this...
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    Battery Life

    I find the battery life to be a bit frustrating. The 3G takes up too much battery so I switch to EDGE, then EDGE is so slow I end up wasting battery by having my iPhone 3G on for so long. I find the battery life to be horrible for big phone users. I've been using my iPhone 3G a lot because it's...
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    Does Push work fir regular Gmail email? If I put 15 minutes on Push, would it check for new email every 15 minutes?
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    The world is out of iPhones

    I am very aggravated at the low availability of the iPhone 3G. Why is it that companie never make enough of a popular product? Today, only 2 Apple stores in America had the black 16 gigabyte iPhone 3G. That is pathetic! If they don't have it readily available before school starts, I'm going to...
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    Interested in 2.0?

    I made a video of my iPod touch using the 2.0 update. Yes, I got it! :D
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    Quick question about iPhone 3G and adding a line.

    Ok so my stepmother is going to add a line to her family share plan so I will get the iPhone 3G for $200. But I want unlimited data. So all my stepmom has to do is pay $30 more a month? I just want that confirmed.
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    3G iPhone CONFIRMED! This is awesome!
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    My dock connector is broken.

    I just tried to sync my iPod touch and wouldn't sync. So I checked out the dock connector on the bottom of the iPod touch and I that it was broken. There is a part that is chipped off. I have had my iPod touch for about 5 months. It is still under the manufacturer's warranty. Does the warranty...
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    Why the black outline?

    Why did Apple put the black outline on the iPod touch if ithe paint shreds off easily?
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    Flash (Portal) for iPod Touch + iPhone

    If you have been wanting to watch some videos (on your iPod Touch and/or iPhone) that require Flash, the answer is here. Here is a video that shows your how to get it working: Go to the site on your iPhone or iPod Touch and look at...
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    I'm tired of this #####!

    Safari on the iPod touch the most fustrating thing to use. It crashes so much! I swear I have had it crash about 15 times today. I tried clearing the cache, cookies, and history. That didn't help at all. Do you guys experience these problems. Another thing is when I am on Safari for a long time...
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    Small Speaker?

    Since the iPod touch does not have a speaker if anyone knew of a small little speaker I could connect to the headphone jack.
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    Sorry, quick question.

    I've asked this before but on OpenSSH how do you change the "Slide to Unlock" text. Where is the file?