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    Where is Doug ?

    I have posted here a few weeks ago and e-mailed directly to him and have received no response.
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    iTunes Library Manager drops the ball

    With increasing frequency, I am finding iTLM trashing libraries when I switch, overwriting one library definition files with the previous one's. :mad: Fortunately, this does not effect the media files, :cool: but it os a real pain in the butt to have to re-index the whole library worth of...
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    "Join Together" won't

    iTunes 8.2 (23) Mac OS 10.4.11 QuickTime 7.6.2 Pro I'm trying to join MP3's, all of the same bit and sample rate. JT says, Join Together cannot proceed Can't use the tracks in the playlist "1" Choose different tracks... :confused:
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    New Script to Share: Load iTunes from CD/DVD

    OK, first the script, then the story behind it. ;) tell application "iTunes" repeat with i from 1 to the count of sources if the kind of source i is library then set theLib to the name of source i as text end if if the kind of source i is MP3 CD then set theDisc to the name of...
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    How can I access a mounted iTunes data disc ?

    If you use iTunes to burn a data disc, it will mount in iTunes when you put it in your machine. What AppleScript Black Magic does it take to get at the stuff on that disc ? :confused:
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    Help me find this cable again

    :shake: I am going bonkers trying to find where I got an iPod cable (so I can get another) This is, I believe, made for a car. It has a 2-RCA cable and a USB cable coming off of a dock connector. These are about 3 feet long each. Anyone heard of such a cable ?
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    Question about Rip AAC Old School

    What is the Leopard dependency ? :confused: I am using afconvert in 10.4.x with no problem and was hoping to automate without jumping to Leopard -- not all of my machines are studly enough for Leopard. :D
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    Doug Adams !! Are you still alive ?

    Doug has not answered the emails I have sent to him over the past few weeks. :( I have a small issue with a registration code for iTunes Library Manager. :shake:
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    iTunes 7 and iTunes Library Manager

    After making a paranoia-backup of all my "*.itmf" folders, I tried using iTunes 7 to access a few of my libraries. Good news: It appears to work. Bad news: Unlike iTunes Library Manager, iTunes 7 does NOT swap out the preferences. that was a feature of iTLM that I really like. I "turn off"...
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    Audible-type segment markers

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Has anyone figured out how to create home-made audiobooks in the style of Audible with segment markers ? :confused:
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    Import without Duplication ?

    :confused: Are there any scripts out there that would scan your music library folder and then add any music track that is not in your iTunes Library without causing duplicate tracks to appear in iTunes ? Thanks.
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    MacOS 10.3.6 beaks FireWire and iPod ??

    There is a lot of screaming going on over at Apple Discussions claiming that the recent 10.3.6 MacOS update has messed up FireWire connections such that external devices (especially iPods) no longer connect. I have a flat panel G4 iMac running 10.3.6 with firewire external drives and an iPod...