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    music video not sync to my iPod Touch

    Hi, I'm having some problem syncing music video I recently purchased on iTunes to my iPod Touch. Does anyone have suggestions how to fix this problem? I've purchased a movie from iTunes a while ago that doesn't seem to have problem syncing to my iPod Touch. Also, I got a few older music...
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    loosing track info and album art image

    I haven't seen anyone mention this issue with their iTunes/iPod Touch yet. I thought I should mention some of issues I've encountered with my iPod Touch 2G with iTunes 9 in case someone has found a solution. I noticed other people seems to have problem with loosing their play count info...
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    hairline cracks on iPod screen

    Has anyone else noticed hairline cracks appearing on their iPod screen? I have a 3G 15GB refurbished iPod and recently have started to noticed more and more hairline cracks appearing on my iPod screen. I'm just wondering why the cracks appear and if there is anything to cover up or remove this...
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    possible to move mp3 file location?

    Sometime I like to reorganize my mp3 files on my HD differently than what iTunes want. So I turned off the preference to have iTunes automatically organize my music folder. But I like to move those files around and not erase the rating/play count info. Is it possible to move mp3 files around...
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    Where to get cover image?

    So where do you guys get CD cover image to put in your mp3 files? I just started buying music from iTunes Music Store and noticed that the music I got from the store have cover art embedded in the file. The songs I ripped from my CD's don't have them. I would like to put the cover art on the...
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    software to split a mp3 song track into 2

    Does anyone know if there is any program that will let me split a mp3 file I ripped from a CD track into 2 or more separate mp3 files? I have this CD that has a track with a song and some dialog, and I want to split out the song and dialog into 2 separate mp3 files so I can play just the song...
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    accessory for holding iPod in the car

    Ok. For those people who use iPod with iTrip in a car, how do you hold your iPod in place? Belkin makes a iPod holder in a car's cup holder. The review here is not too positive. So anyone want to share how they hold their iPod+iTrip in a car?
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    G3 iPod resetting and loosing date/time

    I got a G3 15GB iPod recently and have noticed what could be a problem. My iPod will occasionally reset itself even when the battery indicator said there is still power. When this happens, I end up having to recharge the iPod and resetting the date and the time. This problem occurs in both...
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    iPod 2.1 updater for XP question

    I have a question for those people that have successfully upgraded their iPod firmware from 2.0.1 to 2.1 on Windows XP. Let me explain what I did. I downloaded the 2.1 setup.exe from Apple web site. Then I ran it to install it. And then I ran the program 'iPod Software 2.1 Updater V2'. Then...
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    problem installing iTunes

    I'm having some problem installing iTunes for Windows. I downloaded the file iTunesSetup.exe from web site. Then I double click to run the installation program. Almost immediately I get a popup dialog window with the following message: InstallShield: 1608: Unable to create...
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    iPod battery drain question

    I have a question regarding iPod's battery power. I noticed that when I'm using the iPod, I can listen to about 7-8 hours of music before the battery is completely drained. On the other hand, when I turn off iPod, I noticed that the power is completely drained after 2-3 days and that I...
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    A newbie question

    Ok. I read the iPod manual and played around with my iPod and still can't find this answer. The answer is probably pretty trivial but I just can't figure it out. How do I clear the "now playing" queued songs? I know that if a queue of songs is in the Go-The-Go list, then there is an option...
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    Using MusicMatch to get stats

    Using MusicMatch to get stats? Anyone know how one can use MusicMatch to get some stats on one's mp3 music library? For example, number of songs by a particular artist, number of albums by a particular artist, etc...
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    iPod Power Adapter question

    Hi fellow iPod User, Today I received the 15GB iPod I bought from Apple. I've been playing around with it, and have noticed something and thought I should ask other people here. This question is on the iPod power adapter. When I shake the power adapter, it makes a rattling sound like...