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    encoding tv shows

    Hi, I've got the 5g ipod and I am happily using a combination of mac the ripper and handbrake to copy my dvd collection to my ipod. I'm using a mac. However, I have loads of Simpons, Family Guy, etc that are all in varying formats (avi, mpg, etc) has anyone had any luck converting these to...
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    My iTrip Mini has ARRIVED!! [Pictures Inside]

    My iTrip Mini arrived this morning via the friendly neighbourhood UPS man :) So I thought I'd share some pictures with you. I ordered my iTrip Mini on Friday afternoon, it was shipped the same day and sent all the way from Griffin in the US to my house in the UK by this morning (Monday). So...
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    Pictures of my Vaja i-Volution mini case - awesome! [Large Img Warning!]

    I thought I'd post some pictures of my recently acquired Vaja iVod i-Volution mini-iPod case. The case is absolutely awesome. Everything about it just oozes quality, it really is VERY well made. I chose a custom built case in the color 'Torrone'. This colour is like a coffee-beige sort of color...
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    FS (in the UK): Audio-technica metal stick earphones

    I am selling my Audio-technica ATH-CM5 metal stick style earphones on eBay, they are amazing sound quality and look absolutely amazing. They will make excellent replacement earphones for the poor iPod ones. Thanks and I hope they...
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    FS (in the UK): 20Gb iPod + iTrip + EXO 3 case

    Ebay Auctions I am running, great items: 20Gb iPod + iTrip + EXO Case Separate auction for Camera I'm selling: Canon S230 / IXUS v3:
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    Sorry I just had to be the first to post. I don't have any audible content, like the audible content.....honest. Woot....first :)
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    ipod starting on its own?!?

    I've got one of the new 20gb ipods and have loaded the new firmware onto it. I think the new firmware is great. However, since putting the new firmware on my pod if I pause it then put it on hold and leave it (presuming it will go into sleep mode) I sometimes comeback to my ipod after a period...
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    iTrip problem?

    I have the iTrip and think its great, I can get crystal clear sound up to 10 ft away from my stereo and it works in my car. Great. However, has anyone else found that it sometimes takes a bit of coaching before the itrip recognizes the change fequency files. Sometime I play the files and...
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    old 10Gb iPod dimensions?

    Hi there all, Please can someone who has an OLD (not new, gen. 3) 10Gb ipod look quickly at their ipod's box and just tell me the dimensions of it? width, height and thickness please. Thank you for your help,
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    Fix for low max volume on euro pods!

    THIS FIX IS FOR MAC IPODS ONLY, sorry windows users. Maybe one of you windows guys can try a similar thing and post your results. This is a fix for the low max volume on the OLD 5Gb, 10Gb and 20Gb ipods this WILL NOT WORK for the new generation ipods. I live in the UK and ever since firmware...