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    FS: neon green iSkin evo with beltcip for video ipods

    it's like new with swivel belt clip. $7 shipped. non-credit card paypal payment preferred SOLD
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    How long do you think it will be before an ipod is released with bluetooth? Wireless synching, wireless headphones, in-car wireless solutions... there's a lot of applications it could be utilized for. Myself, I would love a bluetooth shuffle or Nano bundled with wireless headphones that I could...
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    FS: eXoflpfb 4g asphalt Lajo skin

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    FS: Lajo eXo2fb 4g 40GB Snow

    SOLD I am selling my Lajo eXo2fb 4g 40GB Snow case. It has been used but it's in excellent condition. Goes for $17.50 + $5.50 shipping on I would like to get $10 shipped, paypal...
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    I'm torn

    I love the simple elegance of the shuffle, and am in the market for a tiny flash player to use while running. I also dig iTunes, it could be better but so far it's the best. Being able to use iTunes with a flash player to go alongside my 4G 40GB would be nice. The problem is that for $30 more...
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    Lajo Asphalt (black) eXo3 3rd gen skin for 30GB/40GB $10 shipped

    It's a Lajo Asphalt (black) eXo3 3rd gen skin for 30GB and 40GB ipods also includes clear iShade. This is brand new never been used. Won it on ebay but before I coudl use it sold my 3rd gen ipod towards a 4th gen. My loss is your gain, if you were to buy from it would run you over $15.
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    Are there any FM transmitters that double as iPod charger?

    I'm looking for a car kit that can charge/power the ipod as well as broadcast fm, preferably one that can use vehicle power adapter to run as well as optional battery for portability. Does sucha thing exist? Or is the best option something liekt he Belkin power adapter for ipod and the itrip...
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    DIdiTunes 4.5 add auto update to library?

    I have a big problem with the iTunes library. when a song changes location it'd be really nice if there was an "auto update" or "fixbroken links" option that could automatically go and search for the new location. At present I have to do it manually, one song at a time. It's an huge annoyance...
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    Automatic Library Updating?

    Does iTunes automatically update the Library when new songs/folders are added to the "Music" folder? WMP does it, it's the "watch folder" option. Any tips?
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    How to auto update "source" playlists?

    I'm not talking about dynamic playlists.. but just theh playlists listed in source. Stuff like top rated, recently played, and most played. I have it set to manually update iPod but I thought checking the button for Auto update only the following playlists would do it. But it doesn't appear...
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    Free downloads for Windows iTunes users?

    I thought I read somewhere that new ITMS windows users were going to get a few free downloads. Anyone know how to get them? DO you just register an account through iTunes with credit card info?
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    Copy and paste to iPod via windows explorer?

    Is it possible to simply copy and paste mp3s (files and directories) directly to the iPod in windows explorer? I have almost 30GB of music, but only a 15GB iPod so I'm not sure how to go about "synching" with mmjb. It would be much easier if I could simply move what I want onto it, and delete...