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    Toshiba amongst companies sued over hard disk size dispute,39001147,39151810,00.htm Folks are finally waking up to the fact that it is WRONG to advertise a HD as 20GB when it only has 18.6 usable.
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    Speed of Ripping on iTunes 4

    I tried a search on this topic before posting, so either I am completely dimwit, or there really is no thread discussing this in the past. I wanted to get an idea of what speeds folks get when ripping Cds on iTunes 4 to AAC format. If you could respond with the following information and any...
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    Win vs Mac : Ripping comparison

    Let me start off by saying this is not a platform specific post, but more to share what I experiences and if anyone can shed some light on it. First off, when I got my 15GB iPod, I used it on a WinXP machine with Ephpod and Steinberg Pro to rip my CDs. Then, I got hooked, and decided to get...
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    15GB Ipod Froze on me!!!! Help!!!!

    Its weird... It keeps freezing on me..once in a while i can get the keys to work..and then i try to pick a song to play..all goes well until the displat shows Now playing. Then it just hangs. There is no music coming out of the earphones either...and it just sits there... Though I notice that...
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    Opinions on Bitrates

    I spent a looooong time this weekend finally ripping my CD's to mp3 to load up my ipod. I managed a measly 2GB over one evening, but as I was doing this, I realised that I had not selected the bitrate and it was on the preset 128. Now before I continue with the rest of my CD collection, I...
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    Personalizing the iPod (more than Engraving)

    I gotta start of my saying i aint no artist, but I do enjoy looking at art. (so am pretty pleased with the ipod heh heh) I wanted to know if anyone out there has "artworked" the back of the iPOd...u know, the shiny metal part. It just seems ripe for airbrushing or painting..I am sure you could...
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    Ideal RAM for iBook

    Guidelines to voting:- There is no video-editing to be done. there are no games to be played (other than really really really cheap arcade style) Maximum Multi-tasking that will happen is the following:- Internet surfing (2/3 windows) + Cd's ripping + mp3 playing + office for mac running (with...
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    Advice Needed!! Best iBook to get?

    And Mr moderator sir, before "moderate" this post, let me justify it being here because I am getting the iBook for the sole purpose of my iPod. :rolleyes: ;) No but seriously, I have been wanting a Mac for ages..and finally decided that i cant afford anything more than an iBook, (partly due to...
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    4hrs since I got my 15GB Gen3

    :D :D :D unfortuntely, my iBook takes another 3 weeks. So i had to use windows XP...i had some startup problems (as expected) , i still get the "Do not Diconnect" which was very concerning... My first impressions, WOW. form factor, size, weight, feel...WOW. Since this is my first...