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    160gb Classic: Battery drain flat over night!!

    Hello! Ive been using my ipod 2-3 times for watching video only. Its allways fully charged, i watch 1 hour. Next day, battery flat. What is going on? Please help me! Is this a common bug?
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    Who here has ordered a 160gb classic allready?

    WHere you from, what color did you pick and whats your estimated delivery time? I order a black one, and Estimated delivery time is 13 september. Will be shipped 10 september.. Weeeeeeeeee!! Im from Norway.
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    Please update the euPOD Pro 1.6 link on mainpage

    Hi, First of all I would like to thank ipodlounge to post about the new euPOD PRO software that has network and encryption feature. However, The news entry on the main page is 100% correct, but the link in the left under...
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    May I have 10 secs of your time?

    Hi, Im a freeware ipod developer. To make my software more user friendly I need to determine a setting in the itunes config file located on ipod. (hence, i posted it in itunes forum) What I want people to do is to download a super small exe and run it, and copy what it says in text window and...
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    Betatesters for encryption feature & network feature (eupod 1.6) needed!

    Hi! Looks like lot of my beta testers have other things in "real-life" to do these days, so Im trying to gather some new faces to the beta crew team.. The two new features we test this time is network feature and encryption feature. Allowing you to encrypt folders, files, documents using...
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    This is why I wish iPOD wasent a apple product ...

    I have never owned a MAC, but Ive read a lot about them. All with MAC never go back they say. Anyways, after owning 3 ipods, I really wish that the ipod wasent a apple product. The ipod is great, but there are so many strange thing with this company called apple that really bug me. 1) When I...
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    Flash developer needed for next euPOD version!

    Hi there! I was wondering, if there was any flash people around that would like to contribute to a popular freeware on the windows platform, euPOD.. euPOD started as a volumebooster only, but lately a few more features had been integrated, and more to come. Some guy made a kickass logo for...
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    euPOD users wanted for test of euPOD 1.5 (avoid resync)

    Hi there! Im currently working on a new version of euPOD 1.5 that will have these new features 1) No more auto-sync features with iTunes (whatever version u run) 2) Use of euPOD will be easier than before! To solve the resync issue ive used Apples SDK for writing itunes plugins. One other...
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    euPOD VolumeBoost 1.3.1 b215 is out! (22 june 2004)

    Hi! There is a new version for you euPOD users now. Its not much diffrent, so no need to upgrade, im just mentioning it. What is changed? -- rewrote eject routine, goes lot faster and smoother -- removed lot of that "find itunes.libary" file and that stuff to make it easier for new users of...
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    Possible solution for the "DISK MODE" lockup

    Hi there, Ive experienced some really bad stuff when upgrading to the 2.2 firmware, causing the ipod to work as a disk, but when i eject it it says "OK TO DISCONNECT" - "DISC MODE" and nothing works. A hard reset wont work either, reflashing firmware fails. When I turned it on I got a folder...
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    Apple Replacementservice - Im speechless

    Im speechless, I have no speech (quote George Costanza from Seinfeld) Anyways, my brothers ipod was like 1 year old (11 months and 20 days) and it stopped working after a firmware update. We called apple, and shipped it in on thursday. It was messy as hell, scratches all over since we in out...
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    What would YOU like in a itunes addon software?

    Hi there, After apple relased the COM object for iTUNES, ive started developing a addon software for iTUNES, mainly to do things easier for myself. Using the COM object for iTUNES, means that we can create safe software/addons that is 100% compatible with itunes, and changes you do in itunes/...
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    euPOD needs your help

    After iTUNES 4.5 was released people having probs with euPOD and resync. It can be avoided, check my homepage. However, since people have requested that it support 4.5, and coz of all support ive decided to give 1.4 a go. I think apple encrypted the itunes database in itunes, coz I cant read...
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    asono Soundhub 20GB mp3 player! WOW!

    I just read some local inet tech magazines, and I found an article about this new mp3 player from the scandinavian mp3 player This player looks neat, since it claims it has 16 hours battery life and the size of it is same as a credit card...
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    euPOD VOlumeBoost F.A.Q. released

    Hey there! Ive just put up a small F.A.Q on the euPOD download page if any of you have any ideas to stuff I should put there ( I bet you have more probs than me ), feel free too contribute to the FAQ by writing the Q: and the A: and send me Ofcoz you will be...
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    need YOUR help for new iPOD backup SoftWare

    Hi there, Ive decided to write a windows iPOD tool that will take backup of all important iPOD files like libary files, itunes database file and playratings/playcounts. The software will automatically be started when you dock your ipod, and then when its done (take 5 sec) it will start the...
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    Playratings/playcounts backup software needed?

    Hey there! After i started to use iTUNES i really love the playcount/playratings feature.. The only thing im a little concerned of is when I have to restore ipod.. Im considering write a tool that backup the ratings and playcounts, so after you have build a new database, it can "wash" in old...
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    ipod turn off/apple logo when changing song..

    Hi there.. Had no probs with my ipod untill recently (maybe after the 2.1 firmware upgrade?) When I change song, and press the new song, my ipod shud down, and when I start it again the apple logo appear and clock and all #### is reseted. This can happen 30% of times I try to switch songs...
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    euPOD version that work with iTUNES sync in here!

    FOr those of you using auto sync in iTUNES (libary), update to 1.2.1 to avoid iTUNES to resync after using euPOD VolumeBoost Download here: Will be avaible on the website later this night. Please report if any probs etc etc.
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    euPOD VolumeBoost and mp3gain users wanted!

    Hi there! There has been some tips and requests for future development of VolumeBoost.. Im working on a new version now that has mp3gain as plugin. It will also include this: - A slide to choose between 0,10,20,30,40,50,60 volume - Mp3gain that REMEMBER what tunes you have gained from before...