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    Play song without adding to Library?

    Is there a setting that will allow me to play a .m4a in iTunes without it getting added to the the iTunes Library? I have a folder containing 4,000 songs and I want to add some but not all to iTunes. But if I double click on one to play it, it gets added to iTunes library. I want to listen to...
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    How to filter out protected music?

    I want to burn all my .m4a files onto a DVD whilst excluding the protected .m4b and .m4p files. Ideally a way to recreate the folder tree structure whilst excluding any folders containing .m4b files. Is there a simple way to filter ..\iTunes\iTunes Music\ so that I can exclude all folders...
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    iTunes Library vs iTunes Folder Size?

    Should the my iTunes folder and music library as reported by iTunes be similar in size? According to iTunes, I have 2500 songs, 210 albums and 10GB of music. However if I select Properties on my iTunes folder it contains 800 folders, 6600 files and 28GB!! Is it normal that the iTunes folder is...
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    Does Logitech mm22 power/charge the iPod?

    It is not obvious to me from the documentation. If I have these Speakers plugged into mains power do I have to take the iPod out every So often to charge it? Or Can I just leave it connected & the unit keeps the iPod battery charged.
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    Help - Can I make my iPod overwrite iTunes?

    Updating from v6 to 6.0.1 trashed my Library. Just loaded the v6.0.1.3 build over v6 and once complete I went to play a song. It reported that it could not find any of my Songs displayed in the playlists. So I thought I'd re "Add Folder to Library" my iTunes folder to the to restore them...
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    Access single iTunes library from multi XP user Accounts?

    I do not need to move my library and as such my problem does not appeare to be covered in that sticky thread. I have a music library set up in C:\Documents and Settings\<XP user account1>\My Documents\My Music\iTunes and I want to be able to access it from <XP user account2> & <XP user...
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    Burn CDs with AudibleManager or iTunes?

    Does one do a better job than the other? I am not ripping from CDs, but burning downloaded Audible content that I have purchased. I am considering burning a very long audio book, (Short History of Nearly Everything) from Audible comprising three files and about 19 hours. 5:54, 6:10 and...
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    Skip When Shuffling

    Couple of questions about this feature. I have iTunes (windows) and an Ipod Colour 20GB. Effected Audiobooks are ripped from CDs in m4a format and I have not converted them to m4b. It appears that checking iTunes, [Get Info>Options>Skip When Shuffling] does not prevent the audiobook...
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    Cannot install AudibleManager

    I am posting this here in the hope that some one else may know the solution to this problem even though it is not at all an iPod specific issue. I am trying unsuccessfully to install Audible Manager onto a Win Xp PC that also has itunes loaded. Audible's download appears to install some...
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    Getting Music to display in [Purchased] on PC and Ipod

    Can I manually add songs to [purchased] folders? I have Itunes on two PCs. A Desktop and Laptop. They are both authorized to my account. (I Sync my Ipod color to just the Desktop.) I purchased some music using Itunes on my Laptop and have successfully copied it to the Desktop and iPod. The...
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    Newby Questions

    Shuffle, Smart PL, Photos, Album Art, Backlight? I am new to iPods and this forum. I have a 1 week old 20GB color. Have loaded it with 170CDs/2500 songs and 1500 photos. Have read through some of these forums. Have read the manual which I found to be somewhat minimalist. However I am having...