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    Question about movie rental limits

    Here is what Apple says about it's movie rentals: That's all fine and good, but I am wondering about how this works when downloading it to one's iPod/iPhone. Specifically, the 30-day rental limit intrigues me in that one could rent a bunch of movies for a trip and watch them over several days...
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    Unable to activate iPod for Audible

    I've been an Audible customer for about 7 years and haven't had many problems with it and the iPod. Unfortunately I've just had my first. I went out today and got a 160GB iPod Classic. I went to deactivate my older 60GB iPod Video via Audible Download Manager and it wouldn't let me. It says...
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    can the iPod Classic sync Photos on a Vista machine?

    I've been unable to sync photos to my 5G 60GB since upgrading to Vista. From what I hear, the iPod (or iTunes) does not like the NTFS file system that Vista installs. I'm wondering if anyone who's gotten one of the new iPod Classic's can confirm whether this problem still exists for you? Thanks!
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    iTunes Library.xml file

    I've been using myTunesRSS to stream my music and playlists, but recently ran into a problem. I upgraded to iTunes 7, but after this iTunes wouldn't recognize my iPod, so I had to go back to 6.5. In the process, I reloaded an old itl file, but renamed the .xml file to be a backup file. I...
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    Did iTunes 7 screw up my iPod?

    I have a 5G iPod and yesterday upgraded to iTunes 7. Everything went fine and iTunes 7 worked fine excet that when I plugged my iPod in it didn't recognize it. I'm on a Windows XP system and tried the things suggested on Apple's site - resetting the iPod, redoing the COM, even reinstalling...
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    Deleting a FILE with iTunes

    Hello, I've been using iTunes for a couple of years now and primarily use it and my iPod to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I use Doppler Radio for podcasts, and it has a nice feature where it automatically deletes items from your playlist, library, as well as the underlying file itself...
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    Beginner's Guide to Video for the iPod

    Thought I'd post a link to an article I just posted on my blog which I hope will be useful for people - it's a pretty exhaustive look at getting video on your iPod, geared primarily towards those who don't have a lot of familiarity with digital video, or even the iPod or iTunes for that matter...
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    Videora conversion spreadsheet

    Thought this might be of some interest for some: It details using Videora iPod converter to convert video using a bunch of different settings and how the results compared in terms of video quality, file size, conversion...
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    Videora and Quicktime Pro testing

    Ok, I thought I'd post about my experience with these two apps, which I finally got around to testing tonight. I'm just using a 17-second avi clip from my digital camcorder. It was shot in widescreen and the native resolution is 720x480. Videora: Because I have a widescreen laptop, I can...
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    iPod display lag?

    Ok, I thought maybe it was the fact that I'd kept the plastic coating on, but I just replaced it with a protecting plastic sheet from Martin Fields which does not cover the center button and I'm still getting the same thing. When I hit next track or try to cycle through the different displays...
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    Showing widescreen videos on a widescreen tv

    Just wondering if the iPod Video supports anamorphic display on a TV? And if so, do any of the current converters allow you to do this? I haven't tried converting anything myself yet, but happened upon a copy online of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that had been converted for use on...
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    Customizing the menu

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to do this. On my 4G I had the playlists item on the top menu and it was the first entry in that menu. On my 5G, Photos and Video come before playlists. I want playlists to be first because for the most part I use my iPod to listen to podcasts which...
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    Video encoding/decoding/format/etc. reference?

    I haven't braved actually trying to convert any videos or dvd's yet, but have been avidly following all the threads here on various programs people have been testing out. My quesiton is, can anyone point me to a good reference on the web that talks about video encoding, decoding, video formats...
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    What to buy to connect iPod to TV?

    I know there's some universal dock that lets you output in svideo, but for now, I'm looking for a cheaper solution. I thought I'd heard of some AV cable that you could buy at radio shack or elsewhere that would export audio and video (composite) to a tv. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    5G Accessories?

    Has anyone heard of any companies coming out with 5G accessories? I really want to get a case for mine - probably an iskin like my previous two - but it seems none of the companies even have any mention of the 5G, like that they will be "coming soon." I haven't done an exhaustive search, so...
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    Upgrading from 4G iPod to the new 5G

    I just picked up a new 5G 60GB at a local Apple Store, and will be putting my 4G 40GB on eBay within the next few days. But, I of course have a bunch of stuff currently in iTunes for my 40GB 4G iPod (mainly podcasts and audiobooks) that I'll need to transfer over to the new one. I don't...
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    iTunes takes forever to recognize iPod

    Well, maybe not forever, but it can take several minutes before my 40GB non-photo 4G iPod is recognized. I'm running iTunes 4.8 on a Dell 2Ghz laptop with Windows XP and 512MB of RAM. I now only have about 13GB of stuff on the iPod. This was happening a while ago but much worse when I was...
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    iTunes creating duplicate files

    I want to set up iTunes to just reference files throughout my hard drive. I currently use my iPod only to listen to spoken word - podcasts, Audible books, and stuff I record from internet radio via Replay Radio. When I do an "add files to library" it copies the actual files, so I end up with...
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    Questions about switching from AudibleManager to iTunes

    Hi, thanks for the great resource! I have a 30GB iPod that I bought a couple months ago. I've been an audible subscriber for many years and using the iPod with Audible is great. Now that iTunes is available, I've been thinking about installing it, but then I saw the info on Audible's site...