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    New Mac user looking best way to rip CDs/encode MP3s (with error correction)

    Hello. I'm a (very) recent Mac convert and I'm looking for the best software to accurately rip CDs and encode them into MP3s (I generally encode music at 192 VBR). On the PC I was using a shareware program called Exact Audio Copy, which would test each rip to ensure the image was ripped without...
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    Help land my friend a guest spot on Turner Classic Movies!!!

    Hey folks. I'm writing because I need your support in helping a friend achieve something very, very cool. It won't cost you anything, and only requires a few minutes of your time. Turner Classic Movies is currently running a contest to select an average joe or jane to spend an evening in...
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    Apple posts another movie trailer for the iPod

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Apple has posted another iPod optimized movie trailer. It's for Monster House, a CG movie coming out next summer. Looks pretty derivative of Pixar, but better than most of the crap coming out lately. Find it here...
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    Can I "custom" merge CD tracks across multiple CDs?

    This is sort of a unique instance, but I was wondering if it's possible to merge tracks from multiple CDs into a single AAC track in a controlled fashion. Specifically, I have some audio books and concert CDs that contain tracks which I'd like to combine into larger files, but not the huge...
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    Two biggest audiobook-related additions I'd like to see in iTunes

    1) Chapter Tool for Windows. Mac users have been singing the praises of this app for quite a while now. I've seen screenshots and it looks awesome. Isn't it time we lowly Windows get a crack at it? If you look at the ratio of Windows iTunes posts to Mac iTunes posts on these very forums, it's...
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    Opinions: Is it worth re-encoding?

    I discovered iTunes a couple months ago and recently finished ripping my entire CD collection (music and spoken word) using the iTunes MP3 encoder at 192 kbps, resulting in roughly 30 gigs of data. I have since read a couple of books and online resources suggesting that AAC at a similar or...
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    Contour Showcase Sport designed for 5G?

    On the same day they announced the 5G iPods, Contour unveiled several new cases on their site, including the Showcase Sport, which they say is designed for the "newer, thinner iPods," though not the "5G" or "video" explicitly. Up until last week I was going to get a 60 gig photo with the...