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    Questions about transfers, music & tagging

    I'm an ilounger from many, many years back but I haven't used iOS in several years. These new iPhones look really nice, and I love what I've seen from the cameras. So I've come back to the iLounge to ask a few honest questions of people familiar with newer iPhones. I'm using Windows (no Mac)...
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    Customer service chat

    On another forum, someone posted a chat with Newegg customer service to get a price match. The bold part is added by me (it was originally just posted as part of the chat). Awesome: Thank you for contacting Newegg. My name is Evy. How may I assist you today? Daniel: hello Evy: Hello Daniel...
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    If you liked Coldplay...

    I know there are a lot of Coldplay haters here (and I expect some of you are here to flame based on the subject!). But this isn't really about Coldplay. Greg Laswell has been releasing some pretty nice music, and it reminds me a lot of Coldplay in their "Parachutes" days. Think of it as...
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    Any UK techie-types want to watch US TV?

    Oops Sorry, meant to post this somewhere else and can't delete it.
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    Music from the movie "Once" (Grammy winner!)

    Last night was a stirring moment as Glen Hansard (lead singer of The Frames) and Marketa Irglova accepted the Oscar for best song, from the movie "Once". As Hansard explained in the acceptance speech, this was a little project done with Handycams and a (relatively) small budget, and they never...
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    Sound Quality?

    I really need something to replace my 4G iPod. Initially I was planning to get a Classic, but given all the reports of technical problems and even poor sound quality, I'm not so sure. Plus, I demo'd a Classic at Best Buy and the click wheel is horribly unresponsive. Even though my iPod is full...
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    Good places to buy CDs

    There have been a lot of recent posts about peoples' buying habits, and a lot of us still like to buy CDs. So I thought a thread of store recommendations might be good. 1. Resellers. For just about every CD sold at Amazon (and even some not in stock at Amazon), you can buy new and...
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    Script to resolve iPod Classic album artwork bug

    This solution is buried in this thread and unless someone reads it all the way through they won't know about this, so I thought I'd open a new thread for informational purposes. As has been discussed in several threads, the iPod Classic has a bug related to album artwork. The symptom is that it...
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    Arstechnica review of iPod Classic: 7/10

    Same for the nano. Their score actually dropped a point from the 5.5G based, on the slowness of the UI. They even have some stopwatch timing on certain operations that are about 50% slower. Odd that the iLounge didn't have the sluggishness as a "Con". The iPod Classic portion starts here: link...
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    Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8

    The Onion rips on Pitchfork Media. Pretty funny for those familiar with Pitchfork:
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    iPhone commercial - "The Soup" version

    Just saw this on the show....pretty funny.
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    Apple Hides Your Account Info in DRM-free Music

    Interesting. link
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    Anyone use

    I'm thinking about signing up for at least the first month...those 50 free downloads are enticing. :) Also I like how they limit it to 10 credits if you download an entire album. It looks like you have to pay for a month to get them. Is this right - I'd get 90 downloads (40 pay + 50 free) for...
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    If music sales crossing borders

    The EU is probing Apple about the arbitrarily territorial nature of iTMS (though its not really specific to Apple). I've wondered why the record companies pretend that territorial borders actually mean anything in a digital world, when the business world has been opening global business markets...
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    Microsoft Fixes iPod/Vista Issues

    According to this web site, Microsoft has released patches for Vista to fix issues with the iPod. Good news for you Vista users, I expect.
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    A Free Track Every Week

    Apparently Hanes has a promotion where you visit this website every week and they give you a free song download. They say its supposed to be indie rock. This week's song is from Idlewild. I imagine its not going to be the place for looking for stuff besides rock, anyway...
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    SXSW Time Again (739 free MP3s)!

    3.3 gigs of MP3 music, various bitrates from 96 to 320kbps (most are 128 or 160). OK, so some of them sound like your brother's garage band, but some of them are very good. You'll just have to sift through to sort out the chaff. But its free, and its legal...
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    Going Loopy...!

    I've been noticing some artists (for some reason, all women) have been doing some really innovative stuff with live music using looping. Its really interesting watching them play, though unfortunately I've yet to catch one of them live: Imogen Heap - Just For Now Juana Molina (a profile) KT...
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    Squirts of Love...

    Via the Zune, that is... link. Not much to do with the Zune, really, but still pretty funny Note: this is completely clean, and office-viewing safe. Sorry if you thought it was something else. ;)
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    Digital music becoming more unwired

    There is an interesting article on a new device likely being announced in the next couple of months (link), where "traditional USB connections will (only) play a minor role in getting content to your device." Several wi-fi enabled MP3 players were announced at CES last month, from major players...