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  1. plazman30

    Odd Problem with iPod Video 5.5 and iPod Classic

    Just odd that there are people that have classic iPods and don't have the issue. It probably had something to do with the firmware version on the device. Since these things have been discontinued for a while, I don't expect any product support from Bose.
  2. plazman30

    Odd Problem with iPod Video 5.5 and iPod Classic

    I found another thread here on iLounge and 2 others on the Internet about Bose Sound Dock IIs not working with iPod Videos and iPod Classics for some people. I took my dock extender and used it to connect to the Bose dock and the Apple dock I have on my desk, and both docks will play music and...
  3. plazman30

    Odd Problem with iPod Video 5.5 and iPod Classic

    Someone gifted me a 7th gen iPod Classic back in August. I liked it so much, that I bought a modded a 5.5 iPod with 512 GB of flash storage. A few weeks later I found a Bose iPod dock that plugs in with a wall wart, and had a line out jack on the back. I hooked it up to the amp I had on my work...
  4. plazman30

    Line Out on 3G 64GB iPod Touch

    Does anyone know how to get true line out working with the 3G iPod Touch. I have two different line out adapters that I used with my 5G iPod Video, and neither of them work with the iPod Touch. No sound out the stereo, and sound out of the internal speakers. Andy
  5. plazman30

    Problems with Lyrics

    I am having a problem displaying lyrics on my 5G iPod 60GB. I have the newest 1.3 firmware. Lyrics display perfectly fine on my wife's iPod Touch, but on my 5G iPod, I see only the song name, and no lyrics. Has anyone seen this before? The files are MP3 files encoded at 256K using the LAME...
  6. plazman30

    Going from white to black

    I have a white iPod Video 5G. I'm curious what it would take to buy a black front for it and swap it out. Has anyone done this surgery?
  7. plazman30

    3G 20 GB iPod HD Clicking noise

    I have a 3G 20GB iPod that started the dreaded HD clicking noise. Well, I decided to break down and buy a new HD for it. With the old HD in, the iPod would just hang when I turned it on and lock up. I couldn't do anything with it. The Mac wouldn't even recognize. I put the new HD in about...
  8. plazman30

    Problem playing songs with lyrics

    I just go my new iPod 5G yesterday, and i decided to sync it up. Let me give you my software and hardware: Apple iPod 5G 60GB White with sync cable Apple PowerBook 17" (1.33 Ghz) Latest iTunes and Quicktime (ran software update and rebooted before connected) The iPod is formatted WINDOWS, not...
  9. plazman30

    Line out without a dock

    I am trying to find a good way to access the line out on my new 5G 60GB. The only product that I have found so far is the Sendstation Pocketdock. Before I go and drop $30, is there another option I can use that I should investigate? Andy
  10. plazman30

    Incorrect free space reported by iTunes

    A coworker of mine just got a new iPod 60GB to replace a dying 40 GB HP iPod. HE gave the new iPod the same name as the old one. When he plugged it into his PC, the music synced to the new iPod, but iTunes claims the iPod has used up 40 GB of space, but his iTunes library is only 20GB big...
  11. plazman30

    The dreaded clicking HD noise...

    My wife's 3G 20 GB iPod is going through the dreaded clicking noise and the HD refuses to mount. I did the shake fix, by pulling the HD out and shaking it around and I got the iPod Update utility to recognize the iPod once, but it told me it could not mount the iPod. Since then I have not been...
  12. plazman30

    Bookmarking Audiobooks

    I have been using one of the two killer features of the iPod a lot lately, and that is bookmarking Audiobooks. (The other killer feature is the scroll wheel.) One thing I have been curious about is, do other brands of MP3 players, such as the RIO, Dell, Zen or iRiver support something like...
  13. plazman30

    Sound quality of iPod Photo

    A number of coworkers have commented on that fact that frequent Internet posts state the sound quality of the iPod Photo is very bad, as compared to other models. I have 2G 20 GB iPod and was thinking this year may be a good time to upgrade. But I am hesitant to spend the money, if this rumor...
  14. plazman30

    Earbuds through the generations

    Has there been any change to the Apple supplied earbuds from the 2G, 3G and 4G models? I have a 20GB 2G. Would I gain anything by buying new earbuds?
  15. plazman30

    2g iPod firewire port cover

    Is there someplace where I can buy a new firewire port cover for a 2G iPod? Andy
  16. plazman30

    iTunes 4.7 download as zip file

    Due to restrictions here at work, we are forbidden from downloading any .exe files except through FTP. Is there any place I can get the iTunes 4.7 for Windows installer as a ZIP file or from an ftp location? I would really like to install this thing before I go home today. Andy
  17. plazman30

    using Apple iPod+hp on a Mac

    Has anyone tried one of those HP iPods on a Mac? Do they work? I have a friend who works for hp, and I was going to see if his employee discount might be able to fetch one of these things. Andy
  18. plazman30

    Help with downloading ephpod

    I am trying to use EphPod here at work to set up my iPod, but i have one major issue! My work blocks the downloading of EXE files over HTTP! Very frustrating. Is there anyone out there that could download the newest version of EphPod, zip it and place it on an FTP site or website, where I can...
  19. plazman30

    Dock connector to RCA jacks

    Is there a cable for the 3G and 4G iPod that will connect from the dock connector to a set of RCA jacks, for use with my FM Modulator? Andy
  20. plazman30

    Recommendations for Battery replacement

    MY battery on my 2G iPod will not hold a charge for longer than about 3 days. So, I think it's time for a new battery.... I have been looking around and I would like the group's opinion: 1. Newer Technology has a 1600 mAh battery for $29.99 on one web site. 2. PDASmart sells a 2000 mAh...