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    Moving my iTunes library to a central server

    Right now, my iTunes library (files and XML) is stored locally on my desktop computer, all 28 GB of it including videos which is taking up the most space. I want to put it on my new Windows Server 2003 system as a file share. My goal is to start iTunes on any of my three machines on the network...
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    New iPod firmware soon

    It appears Apple will be releasing iPod Software 1.1 soon as the newly introduced iPod Remote with FM Tuner requires it. The current download ( is still listed as 1.0 for the 5G.
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    iPod Decision Chart

    Here's a chart I made in Visio ( for helping new users decide on an iPod. Obviously it's infused with a lot of opinion (for example, the 512 MB Shuffle is not even a possible outcome), but for those undecided, there you go...
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    Universal Dock compatibility

    Does the iPod Mini (4 GB 2G) support the universal dock's remote and Line Out features (obviously S-Video isn't supported)? Apple's site implies that it does, but I want to confirm.
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    People complaining about Nano scratches

    I was at the gym (weight room, specifically) today, and as usual, there's a fair share of white earbuds everywhere, myself included. When I work out, I put my iPod (30 GB 5G, white) in my pocket in its case, so there are no scratches. Most others do the same, although some with Minis use the...
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    Smart Playlists for videos

    I am trying to make Smart Playlists in iTunes 6 that include essentially "This song is a video" as one of the criteria. Right now, my only solution is to add the text "(video)" to the Comments field of all videos. Is there a better, more reliable solution?
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    iPod 5G (video) firmware update wishlist

    Please keep this to updates for the 5G iPod (iPod with video) that can be accomplished through an iPod Updater (firmware). No other models such as the nano and no hardware updates such as addition of Firewire. I can't find a thread this specific, so here you go. My personal wishes: Enable...
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    Alternate (and cheaper) AV cable compatibility tested

    FYI, I just tested my JVC camcorder's AV cable with my new iPod. It works, so you don't need the costly iPod AV cable, although there are nuances. Note the cable is a three-element 3.5 mm headphone mini connector on one end and the standard yellow/red/white RCA connectors on the other, just like...
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    Installing a Aux Input Adapter

    I have a 2000 Civic LX, although a more generic problem can be applied to this. I tried to install the AUX-HON98 adapter today. Three hours after tearing out a bunch of interior panels and the glove box, not to mention snaking my hand around grappeling with several wire harnesses, I got...
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    iTrip Alternatives

    Are there any alternatives to the iTrip that are compatible with the 5G iPod? I know Griffin is making a 5G-compatible version, but at $49, it seems too expensive now given the previous iTrip was $39. I had an iTrip for my 4G iPod which is naturally incompatible with the new iPod and it worked...
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    AV cable compatibility

    (I have searched but "AV" is too short a term) Is Apple's iPod AV Cable compatible with most other AV cables where one end is the three normal RCA connections (red/yellow/white) and the other end is a three-conductor mini connector? The product page says that they're not, but I don't exactly...
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    Yet another conversion question

    What is the best way to convert existing video files on my computer to an iPod-capable format? I understand this is being asked very frequently, but before you refer me to the search, some points: This is Windows XP, and the files are in a wide variety of formats, including MPEG, DivX, and...