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    Unlocking iPhone.

    Well, pretty soon, this week or next, I will be getting a friend's of mine old iPhone. He transferred to a 3G, and me, residing in the Netherlands cannot buy a 3G because within a year I will be headed off to university. That's just the story behind me getting one, he's a pretty good friend...
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    iTunes 7.0.1 out iTunes 7.0.1 addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more. Hope this solves everything
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    Portable Speakers for under 50 dollars.

    I am looking for decent portable speakers (not neccesarily iPod ones) as in it doesn't have to work with the dock connector, just a stereo plug that allows me to plug it to my iPod. So yeah, I would like to have pretty decent/loud/well sounding portbale speakers for playing music. Any tips or...
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    I have not posted here in quite a while.

    I haven't posted in this forum in ages. But here's my story. Two years ago I was posting about the fact that I was oh so excited to get a Fourth Generation Monochrome iPod for my birthday. I did get one. and It stayed with me for about a year and three months. Then it died to a hard drive...
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    Click A Day Click there once a day. its for a good cause
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    Funny updater

    Today I wanted to update my iPod and I found out it thinks that my B&W 4G iPod is a U2 for some reason. Not like I care but can anyone maybe explain why?
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    Fall Out Boy

    I am gonna go see them tonight in concert in amsterdam wahoo! yes! Anyone else listen to them?
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    Question about all that Iran (You know the nuclear thing)

    Hey I just have a quick and simple question about all the things that are going on in Iran right now for my International Relations speech. Well from what I understand if the US takes military action against Iran, the Iran will either take Israel off the map and/also take military action...
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    The Merry Christmas thread and what you're getting

    Well. I Haven't seen any other threads like this so I will be the one to start this up! Merry Christmas to all Fellow iLoungers! May You Enjoy it to a full extent! And I was just wondering what you are all getting, I myself already got a pretty cool leather computer chair (only $40 lol) but...
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    Getting Sennheiser HD 485

    Now, I am getting these headphones, and does anyone have any good experience with these headphones? how sturdy are these? how strong is the top part of it? I plan on getting these, and will be using them on my computer and with my iPod, now, I've been posting around, and I was told that I...
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    looking for headphones

    I am looking for the headphones that look like these: I don't actually want those ones, but thats the sort of quality and style headphones I want so that they cover my ears and I don't hear any noise from the inside and I am a huge audiophile and listen to tons of music and bass is very...
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    What does a growing boy like me need?

    I am soon turning 15 and I am getting a bit older, and I am looking at a more adult like gift to ask from my parents, I really don't know what to ask, And my parents sorta need to know because they need to get it on time. Btw, I don't need a new phone, comp part, periphals, I already have an...
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    Looking for the apple support page that

    continue reading as one sentence from thread title. allows you to enter your iPod's serial number, and then displays how many days of warranty you have left. Please help me with this. My iPod's warranty is soon out and otherwise it will be R.I.P for my iPod. Thank you in advance!
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    info/help needed w/ history essay

    tomorrow I have an essay and i will have to answer one of these questions: I am lost on what to write about and could use some info and tip from you guys, it would be really appreciated How far was Louis XVI responsible for causing the French Revolution? To answer this question, you need to...
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    We broke the record

    We broke teh record awesomeness!
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    my ipod broke because of a magnet just say to apple that HDD stopped working and ask for a new one hope that works...?? now its sitting here with a spinning HDD and the Apple logo well ciao
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    Jack Johnson In Between Dreams

    This is one of his new albums, well it hasn't been officially released yet but I have it, don't ask how, I paid for it legally though (not sure but I did) AND DAMN! It is such a good album!! I love it!! He has such chill music...its the kinda go with the flow music! Anyone else listen to him?
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    What are some good slow songs/dancing songs

    What are some good slow songs, romantic like song, slow going songs...please recommend some
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    Got apple normal carrying case + story

    Well I just ordered an apple ipod case, the normal black one that would come with the ipod, and I accidently ordered two! I just ring up apple to tell them what happened and they change the order to one case! APPLE SUPPORT ROCKS! And im getting a case too! Hehe
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    My iPod and I are reunited

    two weeks ago or so my ipod was stolen the thief was honest enough to say he had it and he gave it back!! I am so happy