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    Where is the litmus paper located in the iPad 2?

    Where are all the litmus papers located? I see one in the headphone jack but is there a different location as well? I need to know if my iPad has been exposed to moisture.
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    Question about voicemail

    I have normal voicemail on my iPhone (not Visual Voicemail) but when I get a new message, is the red circle suppose to have a number inside of it? For some reason when I get new voice messages, it just displays the red circle dot but no number inside of it. Is this normal for regular voicemail...
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    Data plan question

    Hi, I have a iPhone 3GS with a 6GB data plan. Problem is that I am sending my iPhone away to get it replaced so I am going to use my old cellphone. If I use internet on my old cellphone, would I get charged any extra for using any data? Or would it just use data through the 6GB plan?
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    Brand new iPhone with red litmus paper

    For those who have a iPhone 3GS, can you please check if both your litmus paper (inside headphone jack, and under the dock connector ) to see if they are both white? I found out today my 6 day old iPhone 3GS has a pink litmus under the dock connector even...
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    Transfer contacts from iPhone to Sim?

    I know you can copy contacts from Sim to iPhone but how do you copy from the iPhone to Sim?
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    Erase all content and settings

    If I decide to "Erase all content and settings" from the settings screen, will my iPhone still work? Or would I have to go to my carrier and get it activated again? Would I have any important files missing (for the phone to function properly) Asking for a friend who want to buy a used iPhone...
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    Third gen iPod touch?

    This website is already selling iPod touch third gen cases. This might mean third gen iPod touches are going to get a camera. This website usually sells iPod cases before new iPods comes out.
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    iPhone without data plan

    I want the iPhone without a data plan because my campus has wifi everywhere and I would be saving $30 a month. Rogers said they can block data so I won't accidentally get charged for using some programs that require data. However, they also mentioned that Apple has some sort of automatically...
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    Warranty + iPod replacement question

    My iPod touch's wifi keeps dropping out and I believe the wifi chip has been damaged. If I send it in, I get an refurbished one back right? Do refurbished ones have dents, scratches, etc.. on it??? The one I have right now physically doesn't even have one scratch at all so I'd be ####ed if they...
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    Wifi Connection Dropping

    I used my 2.2 jailbroken iPod since it's firmware released and the wifi had no problems. Starting late January, every time I turn on my wifi to do something it would start off with 3 bars on the wifi icon. But when I download a podcast or something (use safari, anything), it would download...
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    Bought song, no download. Help!!

    I just bought a song off iTunes (my first time) and I don't see no download button for the music. I clicked "buy song", I entered my password, then I proceeded to the checkout screen. After that, I clicked "ok" then my iTunes returns me to the iTunes store. No buttons asking me to download...
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    Is there an iPod touch app that...

    Is there an iPod touch app in the "APP STORE" that allows you to download Youtube videos similar to MXTUBE from cydia/installer??? Or is MXTUBE the only one???
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    How to uninstall apps?

    Do we just hold the touch screen and then press the x or is there another proper way to do it??? Also, once uninstalled, are there any "left-over files" hidden in the ipod??
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    Is the latest custom firmware 2.0 or 2.1??

    Is the latest custom firmware 2.0 or 2.1 for ipod touch??
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    Which spaces do I use for the iPod Touch on the Griffin Amplify?

    I looked at the website but it only says 80GB and 160GB classic. Which spacer do I use cause I don't want to damage my ipod touch.
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    Is there a such program that retag all your songs?

    I have like 400 untagged songs but I am too lazy to tag all of them. Is there a such program that can automatically do it? I know there's a program that adds album art though but I need it tagged.
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    Which Speakers are the best for iPod touch?

    Which Speakers are the best for iPod touch? I've heard great stuff about the Bose speakers but are there any other great ones? I am willing to spend around $400 so I want to choose wisely.
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    About Canada 3G iPhone

    Let say I unlocked my 3G iPhone, do I still have to pay the additional $30 a month for the data plan in order for the phone to work or can I just use my regular phone plan $35 a month?
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    Is Bands takin out of jailbroken iPods?

    Is Bands taken out of jailbroken iPods? I downloaded the "flute" instruments but it says I need to install "Bands" for it to work. I searched everywhere but I can't find it.
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    How do I load PDF files into my iPod touch?

    I got the PDF reader program from jailbreak but how do I put my PDF ebook files into it?