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    Can I Use 2 Ipods on 1 iTunes Account?

    Hi All, I am running the latest version of iTunes 4.9 and use it to sync my 4th Gen 20gb iPod. I have about 3000 song/Podcast/audiobook files within the library and various playlists. I have just bought a 512mb iPod Shuffle for my wife and wanted to ask is there any problem with using the same...
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    Problem with already converted AAC file

    Hi All, I have an audio book file which I have imported into iTunes using the AAC conversion method and then have manually renamed to m4b, making it a bookmarkable file. My problem is that as the file is over 8 hours long my iPod will often skip, reset the file to zero, or even jump to another...
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    iSkin Click Wheel Cover

    Hi All, Does anyone out there know where I (as a UK resident) could buy a Click Wheel cover for the iSkin Evo 2 ? Or indeed if there are any other similar or better rated products that you would recommend for protecting the Click Wheel on a 4th gen iPod. Thank you in advance,
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    Quality UK Podcasts

    Hi All, I would like to open a thread on recommendations for any quality UK Podcasts for UK listeners or indeed anyone else who likes music, comedy, sport etc from the UK. I don't know what most Podcast fans take on this is but I am struggling to find GOOD UK content to download and most of...
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    Paul Smith Case - Am I Unique?!?

    Hi All, I was lucky enough to recieve a Signature Stripe, leather iPod case from the UK fashion designer Paul Smith as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. I have not yet seen a review on this case, or seen it mentioned anywhere on this site or beyond. I was curious to find out if anyone...
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    Free Audiobooks

    Hi All, Does anyone use a reliable and legal site that offers free Audio Books? Thanks in advance, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS THREAD AND DO NOT POST THE SAME LINKS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. ALL I...
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    Free Music at

    Hi Guys, I have just been looking at free music downloads at They appear to have good range of music, covering most musical genre's available to download in mp3 format. Check it out at:
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    Language Courses - How to Store??

    Hi All, All is good with the world now that I have finally got my new 4th gen ipod to actually work...phew!! I have imported a language course from CD into itunes and have transferred it to my ipod where it is saved under it's own playlist. Is there a way for me to store it (ie as an...
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    My music is not showin on my ipod after transfer from itunes?!?

    Hi, I am sure this is not the first time this has happened but I have not been able to find any reference to it on the forums so....... This is my first go at this, I have just ripped/encoded a CD into itunes and have then transferred it to my 4th gen ipod hp via USB 2.0. The songs are showing...
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    New Install - ipod locks up system

    Hi, I am really hoping someone can help me here! I have been using itunes 4.7 for a little while and have my playlists loaded onto it. I recieved my brand new ipod 4th gen HP model yesterday, loaded the software and registered my ipod as part of the proccess but for some reason my ipod just...