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    Convert protected MP4 to MP3 software

    I know there is software out there that records the audio that plays over the sound card and that can detect when a track ends and then starts recording a new file for the next song. Do any of you use the program and can give me the name?
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    Nike+iPod Sport Kit (need someone that has one)

    I am looking at this really interesting device, but it isn't worth $130 by the time I buy the shoes Here it says that you don't need the special shoes. I saw on engadget that someone commented that it doesn't work without...
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    Will you leave iTunes for microsoft's serivce

    Some of you might know that microsoft is comming out with their own digital audio player and to help lure :rolleyes: us itunes lovers they will give us free tracks for all the songs we bought legally on itunes. It will be legal because MS will pay the record companies to rebuy the songs. Is...
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    Touch screen 5g hack

    This is a fake, but it is pretty good :) *I*Wish* I*wish
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    Selling 9 brand new griffin products

    I have been trying to sell these and you may have seen my other post. Now I'm putting them all together and selling it on ebay. (click ebay to see auction) It started at $0.01 and it's already going up so get in soon if you want these: iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod (MSRP...
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    iTrip Auto FM - iFM remote - 2 Airclicks USB and Dock - Power Block - Tune Juice+++

    I won a contest at ilounge and do not have a need for these accessories: iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod (MSRP $70) iFM iPod Radio Remote with Dock Connector for iPod (MSRP $50) AirClick USB for computer control with itunes and other apps (MSRP $40) AirClick Dock for...
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    Haven't recieved GRIFFING SURVIVAL PACK

    Hey, I've been waiting for over a month now and I was wondering if there is anyone I can contact that will help. I emailed Jeremy through the contact page, but I didn't get a reply. :confused:
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    (All griffin)iTrip Auto - iFM - PowerBlock - TuneJuice - iFill - Earthumps+

    PRICE LOWERED (All NEW)iTrip Auto - iFM - PowerBlock - TuneJuice - iFill - Earthumps+ I just won the griffin Trivia and won all these items. I would like to share them with you (but for a fee;)). Just give me an offer and I may accept but will not go lower then 75% of the price it's worth. All...
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    Amazon 60 gig for $365.70 shipped

    I do hope i don't get in trouble for showing this, but when ever there is a good deal on the PSP forums people are allowed to post it. Amazon is giving big discounts on ipods because they are enticipating new ones. If you want a cheap one now is the time. All of them have free shipping too...
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    Enter your serial number for info

    Enter your serial number for info on your ipod This is pretty neat and it tells you some cool stuff about your nano or other ipod Just found it and thought I would share it. Post the info without the serial number so we can compare where it...
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    Apple support doesn't list the shuffles image

    This is not much to go off of, but, Look at this webpage at the top right you will see the mini, 5g ipod, and nano. This is very little to go off of, but here is my conclusion. I have never though that the rumor of "closing the gigabyte gap" had any water to...
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    New ipod stuff at macworld

    Nothing new happened... except ACCESSORIES! Yay! At least something big happened. The biggest thing in my opinion is the remote with a fm reciever in it. The other thing is a hook up to the television. Both work with the 5g ipod too. One last...
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    Can we set the time correct

    Right now it is off by 8 minutes or so. i don't know if it would be easy to change or not. I guess it depends on how you guys set it up.
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    I brushed my NANO!! Got pics too.

    Well, it didn't take long for me to want to brush the iPod. If you look on the back of a normal iPod you will see many many many.......... need I say more? MANY scratches and the worse FINGERPRINTS. I got my nano for Christmas and it's not even new years yet and I actually did this:D. I am very...
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    iPod Nano Incase Neoprene Sleeve review with pics

    Pictures nano neoprene sleeve.JPG nano neoprene sleeve (1).JPG nano neoprene sleeve (2).JPG...
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    What is your playlist setup

    I got rid of all the playlist that itunes come with except the "recently added". I have a hiphopradio playlist for the internet radio that I record. And then this smart playlist that I created. It is called least recently played. The way it works is that it puts the most recently played song on...
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    If you got an ipod vote yes and then the model
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    Check out this forum about the nano before it came out
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    Silicone vs plastic and incase neoprene sleeve

    Silicone vs plastic vs incase neoprene sleeve vs other types I would like some opinions on the different types of cases that you can buy. If anyone has had two or more different types, then please give some of your experience to me and the rest of the people here at iLounge. I'm really leaning...
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    Does the Contour iSee have a belt clip

    Please only answer if you have one or have seen one specifically for the nano. I know that the ipod version has one, and that the mini version just uses the included belt clip that came with it.