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    Great new game port for iPhone/iPod Touch - NOIZ2SA

    Just and FYI about a great game ported to the iPod Touch - NOIZ2SA. Very cool that you don't even have space wasted with a control pad. You just use your finger to move your ship around the screen. You see see video here -- No sound yet, but I know...
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    Touchpad app

    Really cool little app that was mentioned on (I think) Engadget or Gizmodo today. Found the link from iPod Touch Fans - It basically allows you to use VNC and make your iPod Touch or iPhone into a touchpad for your computer - like one you'd...
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    Not sure who else saw this over on MacNN ( yesterday. Check this out on your iPod Touch - They're small applets that you can put on your Spingboard (home screen) that will give you pop-ups to search sites directly (e.g., a pop-up to search Wikipedia without...
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    TUTORIAL - is crashing - How to fix it

    This has been popping up here a lot lately, so I thought I should address it for those of you new to the iPod Touch/iPhone jailbreak. So, you've finally gotten your iPod Touch/iPhone jailbroken, and you've installed a bunch of applications, but now you start getting crashes when you try to...
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    Christmas Troubleshooting

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I know that many of you have received iPod Touches for the holidays, and some of you (unfortunately) may run into some issues that you'd like help with right away. There are many members of the forums here who have iPod Touches and are more than willing to help...
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    Apple Web App Directory

    I'm surprised no one has jumped on this already. Apple's released a web application directory for the iPhone & iPod Touch...
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    Music controls don't work in landscape?

    Just wondering if I'm the only one with this issue. If I am using Safari in landscape (sideways) and I double-click the home key to bring up the music controls, the play controls sometimes just refuse to work. I can hit the close or music buttons, but play/pause won't work unless I rotate it to...