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    iLounge Konfabulator Widget playing hide and seek.

    I went to the Konfabulator site to download the widget, do so, and then opened it. After a few seconds I was concerned because it wasn't anywhere on my screen. Then I noticed that the image of the widget on the web site now had a strange double border. Sure enough, the widget had opened...
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    Video synch and playback capabilities

    First, I'm concerned by this from Apple's site: "Buy music videos and TV shows from the iTunes Music Store and sync them to your iPod, or use QuickTime 7 Pro to export your home movies to iTunes for syncing." I can't imagine they'd require QT Pro to get movies onto your iPod but then Apple is...
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    iTunes 5 RIP. Your brief existence shall always be remembered.

    That was fast. Only one update from 5.0. Wow. Anyway, let's all take a few moments to remember the few moments we spent with iTunes 5.0. I remember eagerly installing it, hoping that the playlist folders would carry over to the iPod. Alas, they did not... I remember reading reports of some...
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    The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Introduce yourself, say hello, and/or welcome new members here. [Please don't post here but instead use the link above, thanks.]
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    What's the 'Oldest' song in your iTunes library?

    I noticed today that a Beatles song that was playing was added to my library in October of 2002. I sorted my entire library and saw that October 4th 2002 at 12:38 is the oldest date I have for music. A little research showed that that was the day I upgraded from iTunes 2 to iTunes 3. That...
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    Dead iPod Remembered as Expensive
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    WTB: Vaja case for original 5gb iPod

    I'm looking for a case in nice condition for the original 5gb iPod. I need the model that doesn't have the flap that covers the front. It may be possible to squeeze it into the the 10gb model case, so if you have one of those you want to sell, let me know if you think its loose enough to squeeze...
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    EarthCore Discussion Thread

    Anyone else going to try to listen to this Podcast-only novel? I'm going to give it a shot. Why not- it's free! Disclaimer from the site: Warning! This is not a kid's book -- EarthCore runs the gammut of politically incorrect topics, from language to sex...
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    Download MY free music

    I've been playing with Garageband software for several months now and have managed to crank out about 18 or so tunes. They are all made with just the loops available in software and are kind of dancy-trancy-electronic. Anyway, I'm making 9 of them available to Loungers for free. My personal...
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    Shuffle Peeve

    Anyone else not happy with the fact that you can't adjust the shuffle volume unless it playing? I use the shuffle with a cassette adapter in the car and I keep the shuffle volume up. When I switch to phones, I want to turn the volume down before playing music to protect my ears and phones. I...
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    iPodlounge Staff iMix / Contest with Prizes!

    Hello everyone! The iPodlounge Staff has created an iMix on the iTunes Music Store. Its a collection of some of our favorite tunes - at least favorites that are in the store. The songs in no way flow well or are organized in any meaningful way. :D We are offering some cheap prizes for those...
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    Vacuum Tube Amp with iPod

    This isn't really an iPod-specific accessory, but I've been using it with my iPod occasionally. What is it? An Antique Sound Labs MG Head OTL Mk. III Well, its a vacuum tube driven headphone amp. Unlike most amps/receivers out there, this thing is designed to drive headphones only and not...
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    Doug Adams' Podcasts

    [Free plug for Doug] Everyone- check this out! Look for the podcasts link. Subscribe in your news reader immediately! :) Great info on the latest scripts and the latest news in the iTunes world, including the 4.7 selection bug. Its short and not...
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    New Private Forum

    Hello iPodloungers, We have created a new forum that is a sub-forum of the lounge. It has been set-up as a place for the regular, adult members to discuss topics that are not normally allowed. It is not visible if you are not admitted. Here are the requirements for admission: 1. 500+ post...
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    Updated Default User Titles

    For a change based on no particular suggestion other than the whim of an Admin, we've changed the default user titles. The new structure is as follows: Post Count / Title 0-24 Freshman Lounger [Those just getting started] 25-99 Junior Lounger [A step up the ladder] 100-249 Senior Lounger...
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    'Official' iPodlounge Forum Debates

    Hello Everyone, iPodlounge member Joshdude has proposed the idea of 'official' debates, after a recent debate he was involved in went quite well. We have a lot of opinionated folks here with lots of different opinions. I think it could be informative and fun to have members square off against...
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    Create new playlist and be asked to add it to iPod?

    I searched the 'Doug's Applescripts' site and didn't find this. I use iTunes and do all of my synching at work. I do all of my iPod listening away from work. I often make new playlists, synch the iPod, get in my car, and find that I forgot to add the playlist to the iPod. [I use auto-sync but...
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    iTunes searches EQ presets

    Just read this and thought it could be useful in the creation of playlists. Probably not most useful feature overall, but a feature none the less.
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    iPod Software 1.4 Problem Reports

    Post any problems with iPod software 1.4 here.
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    Open Invitation for Users of non-iPod players

    Just as a 'heads up' to folks here and as a beakon to vistors, there has been some talk between folks here, at the iHP forum site, and the Rio site There is interest in establishing possibly a new site or some other arrangement where we can all peacefully...