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  1. Sparkee

    Are we going through some changes?

    I see many buttons are displaying the "broken link" icon in the forums on my Mac in both Safari and Chrome. A problem or a change coming?
  2. Sparkee

    Timeouts on page loads

    For about the past week or 2 I have been getting a lot of timeout errors when loading pages at iLounge. The home page loads fine however I must go through at least one timeout before any other pages will load. Once the page I wish to navigate to loads such as the Forums main page everything...
  3. Sparkee

    AirPlay Video Apps

    I'd like to build a list of video apps for touchs, iPhones and iPads that will send AirPlay video to the Apple TV2. For the most part I believe this is what Steve Jobs was referring to in his biography when he said he cracked TV to simplify it. I know cable and satellite provider's are resisting...
  4. Sparkee

    1G nano Recall

    Still have a 1G nano laying around? It looks like Apple has recalled the 1G nano for possible battery issues. I still use mine for audiobooks, so I figured I may as well see what they will replace it with.
  5. Sparkee

    Celebrating Steve Video

    Apple posted the video of the special event held at Apple's campus, A Celebration of Steve's Life.
  6. Sparkee

    iOS Forum

    Even though it is a little different on each device iOS is pretty much the same across all devices. It may be better off left to the individual touch, iPad and iPhone forums, but due to the similarities between the device's OSs is it time to add a forum dedicated to the iOS operating system?
  7. Sparkee

    Track order

    Shuffle is turned on? Check your Settings to ensure Shuffle is off and it's icon is not shown on the display. Depending on your iPod you may also be albe to access the Shuffle controls by pressing the center button when the Now Playing display is up. The shuffle icon: If your iPod is not set...
  8. Sparkee

    Grado SR60i Review

    I though I would treat myself with a new set of good headphones and decided on the entry level audiophile cans, the Grado SR60i. Wow!!! Do these sound great! Kind of ugly, but the sound more than makes up for it. They are an "open" design which is what I wanted so I can hear outside noises at...
  9. Sparkee

    Mac Video Tag Editor

    Anyone know of a good video tag editor or Apple Script to copy the tags from one movie file and paste to another movie file? I re-did my James Bond collection to improve the video quality for my Apple TV and fix a few audio sync issues on a few movies. I would like to copy the tag info...
  10. Sparkee

    What's New In iTunes 9.1?

    What have you noticed that's new in iTunes 9.1? Most of what I found is additions to iPod/Apple TV syncing options and menu reorganizations. First of all, which I believe was well posted on the net already is the ability to transcode higher bitrate songs to a lower bitrate songs. Since some...
  11. Sparkee

    iPad Review Video

    See the iPad in action. Here's an article with a 1 hour video review of the iPad from MacBreak Weekly's Andy Ihnatko.
  12. Sparkee

    padpundit Podcast

    padpundit seems to be a pretty good blog with a podcast dedicated to the iPad. Episode 1 of the podcast is up today and there is an iTunes link to the podcast. Be aware, I have listened to a few other podcasts by the hosts for sometime and they are Apple fanatics.
  13. Sparkee

    Disable Yellow Preview Balloons

    Is there any way to disable those annoying yellow popup preview balloons as you mouse over the threads in the forums? I see these on pretty much every forum I go to and find them more of a hinderance then help. This balloon is often in the way covering the thread titles requiring some dancing...
  14. Sparkee

    Favorite iTunes Streaming Radio Station.

    Inspired by the favorite movies thread, what is your favorite internet streaming radio station? I have a great Kenwood R5000 communications receiver I grew up with which I experimented with antenna configurations and found many great world wide radio sources. On the computer I more often than...
  15. Sparkee

    Apple TV 3.0.1 Update

    Apple released an update for the ATV for disappearing or missing content. Run update on the ATV to get it. I never had the issue myself, but could be nasty if you purchased or rented content and it disappears before you are able to sync it back to your computer.
  16. Sparkee

    Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

    Any body have experience using the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player with an iPod? It will use any external USB drive to play media on a TV. What I'm wondering is if it will read the files synced to an iPod normally using iTunes, not synced as files in disk mode. I don't care about...
  17. Sparkee

    US Networks In Canadian Store

    I was happy to see some of the US networks showing up in the Canadian iTunes Store. However the price went up to $2.49 for single episode and $49.99 for a season of House for SD and $3.49 - $69.99 for HD. This is a substantial increase even if you applied the current exchange rate to the same...
  18. Sparkee

    Video Monkey (Visual Hub/iSquint)

    I found Video Monkey which uses the source code for the well known and very fast video converting software Visual Hub and iSquint for the Mac. The development of Visual Hub and iSquint had stopped awhile ago and the author pulled down the download links but was good enough to release the source...
  19. Sparkee

    Notes and Todo Apps

    I have pretty much given up on Apple adding syncing capabilities for the notes and todo's features they have added to Mail in OS X any time soon. I'm looking for a good app to sync notes and todo lists between a Mac computer and my touch. What do you use?
  20. Sparkee

    30gig IPOD video error message?

    Try resetting it by holding the center and menu buttons till it restarts. The next option is to restore it using iTunes, restoring will erase all content off the iPod and return it to factory default settings.