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    Cash back if purchased an iPod in Canada between 03 and 04

    Just in case you haven't noticed, there is a rebate form on for you to fill out to get money back if you purchased your ipod between December 13 2003 and December 21 2004. The web address is here You will need to include a reciept. If you...
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    iPod / device DPI comparison

    Does anyone know where the DPI comparison chart is with other electronic devices? If not, do you know what it is on the ipod.
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    Video Quality Comparison

    I made up a little mock. The divx is what came from the DVD rip that I made. 512 x 384. The fulltime.JPG is a mpeg4 conversion done by xilisoft. 320x240.
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    Weapon of Choice not in Canadian music store

    How can this be?! I go searching for it in the canadian music store (as that is where I am located and that's only where itunes lets me purchase stuff) and it's not there, but it is in the US store. Hmm odd, I was going to happily spend my two dollars to get this video but instead I went and...
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    iTunes AI BE

    On this most recent update of iTunes I noticed a new file sitting in its directory. It was called iTunes AI BE. Is this something that was in the new "6" or something I have downloaded and forgot about?
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    40GB iPod Photo (all accessories)

    iPod 40gb Photo w/ Dock, Power Brick, Firewire / USB cable, Audio/video cable which allows output to a television. The iPod does have scratches. The wheel is flawless and it feels fine to run your fingers around it, it has had the little plastic deal on it up to 2 weeks ago when it finally quit...
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    5G Battery life on Video

    Has anyone seen any reviews / specs on how long the battery life is when playing video? Also, apples site says that the iPod 30gb gets 14 hours of battery life on music while the 60 gets 20 hours on music... Odd.
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    iPod Shuffle

    So, the iPod Shuffle is out. But really, is it such a big deal after all? This new amazing iPod has no screen people... Sure, 1 gig of storage space and with it acting as a thumbdrive is neat and all, it would get mighty tiresome to scroll through a few hundred songs over, and over, and over...
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    Playing movies on an iPod Photo. Sorta. Pretty interesting concept :D
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    Search Error?

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 9437216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 129 bytes) in /var/www/html/forums/search.php on line 396 :o
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    Auto fill Album / Misc information

    I am looking for a piece of software that can read the artist / track information in an id3 tag (version 2 or Version 1) and give me an album and other misc information. Has anyone ever heard of a type of program like this? Any help would be much appreciated. I really don't feel like going...
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    Looking for a specific link

    I have tried using both search functions on the site, but to no avail when I tried to find the link. I am looking for the specific article where you described what the scam was and how it worked. I found it very informative and I was going to foward it on to a few "Friends" of...
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    Constant Restarts

    I'm having a bit of a problem here. I have a 20g 3G ipod and recently I left it on my charger for a couple days. I woke up this morning and hit play on my ipod and it won't start up. It will show the apple logo, hard drive will spin. Then it will restart and do the same thing over and over until...
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    This just made me feel happy inside.
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    iPod Murder Would anyone go that nuts over losing only 2000 songs :/
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    D12, My Band.

    Another quick ipod mini sighting in this horrible music video. ^ WMP users.
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    What is currently playing?

    I have seen a few members with a little script inside of their signatures that reports what is playing from their iPod. How do you do this? and more importantly do you find it works well?
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    New Ipod / Id3 tag editor

    Well I just ordered my super duper 40gig Ipod... Can't wait, checking the apple status screen every second, hm made eh, where is it... hum de dum dum. Anyways thats beside the point I want to know the best Id3 tagging software out there, something that can go out to the net and bring in the tag...