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    iPhone file structure

    I learned that file on an iPad exist associated only with specific apps and not in a separate file structure. Is this also the case with iPhones?
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    how to package an audiobook

    We're a very small company that produces audioguides, which are just audiobooks that you listen to as a guide, onsite. Our products are currently packaged in zip files which works well on PC and Android platforms when you know how to unzip. But, while some of our iPhone customers have been able...
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    iPod service won't install

    I was able to install 64 bit V 10.1.1 on my new Windows 7 laptop BUT during the install, there was a message saying it was unable to install the iPod Service and to check if I have administrator status - which I do. Anyone know what the problem is? and, how to fix it?
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    locating multiple tracks in one step

    I moved some files around and iTunes couldn't find them. It was easy to use the LOCATE feature for one file, but do I have to go through all the steps for EVERY track? ....or, since all the tracks in one title are in the same folder, is there a way to update locations for the entire title?
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    can I auto assign track number

    Is there any way in iTunes to automatically assign track numbers? I'm working on audio guides and they come in as .WAV files with no track numbers. I know the total number of tracks, and can enter then once for the batch, but I'm hoping there's some way to enter individual track numbers...
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    changing folder and file names

    Background: I provide some technical support to a very small company that does audio travel guides. I get prerecorded .wav files output from ProTools in the early stages. Ultimately, the final tracks are MP3 and zipped for downloading from their web site. When these original files come in...
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    when should I make tracks a compilation?

    I understand that creating a compilation links tracks together, but I'm guessing that there are certain things that work (or don't work) differently when tracks are linked as a compilation. Can someone give me a quick rundown or point me to a post or URL? After I've done my homework, I might...
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    now all the tracks on the iPod are grey

    I've got 2 iPods - an older 20gb and a new 160gb - both classics. I've been synching both of them. I just finished syncing the older one, ejected it and connected the new one and iTunes displays everything, but it's all greyed out and I'm stuck. What happened and how can I fix it?
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    are the cables interchangeable?

    I have an older (?4G) classic (20gb) and just purchased a new 160gb classic. Are the USB cables the same on both? ....or, do I have to keep track of which goes with which. I"m guessing they're the same.
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    ripping a cd onto a diskless netbook

    I've got a new netbook (XP) with no CD drive. I also have another laptop (vista) with a drive. I have loaded software by making the drive sharable and running it from the netbook, but I can't seem to import that way. I have a copy of iTunes on the Vista machine, but the netbook is my primary...
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    Help find my playlists

    On an XP - I moved my music files from one disk partition to another. I can find the library, but all my playlists are gone. How can I get them back?
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    creating an audiobook

    My wife creates audiobooks - audio travel guides. When I try to bring her files into iTunes, they wind up in the Music section, but I want them in the Audiobooks section. Should I be changing something during importing Or, is there a way to move tracks or playlists into the audiobooks...
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    playlist total time

    Is there a way to see the total time of all the selections in a playlist? It's a pain having to add up the individual tracks... Michael
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    can't run iTunes

    I had a disk crash and now cannot run iTunes. I am able to download it, install it; the icons appear, but when I try to launch, I get a Windows XP message saying "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close" I have uninstalled iTunes and redownloaded the installation executable, etc...
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    "enable disk use" is greyed out

    I am trying to use my iPod video as an external disk. When I go to the MUSIC tab on the iPOD tab, the "Enable disk use" box is checked but the entire line is greyed out and my PC cannot see my iPod as a drive. I had used this iPod as an external drive to a PC whose drive just crashed. I'm...
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    My 40gb will not turn off

    I have a 40gb video iPod that will not turn off. Yes, I know to hold the play/pause button down for 2 seconds. And, yes, I know to do that carefully so I'm not accidentally rolling onto another key And, yes, I've left it alone for more than 2 minutes to see if it will shut down on its own (and...
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    Battery question

    I have a dock that charges my iPod video and connects to my stereo amplifier and speakers. I have been leaving my iPod in the dock, which means it's constantly being kept at a full charge. Might this cause problems with the battery life?
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    Controlling sequence in slideshow

    I've managed to get my photo slideshow to display on a TV. Yeah! But, I haven't been able to figure out if/how I can control the order in which the images display (I know that I have to turn RANDOM to OFF) I've got a 5g Video.
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    FM or Cassette?

    OK, there are a lot more elegant solutions, and there are lots of reviews telling me which FM system is best OR which cassette system is best - but is one of these approaches better than the other? btw, I have a bluetooth phone, so don't want to use a bluetooth solution (and a 2nd car w/out...