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  1. LukeA

    Simply Apple

    I saw a commercial for this stuff called 'Simply Apple', in the same vein as the 'Simply Orange' juice. You know, the one that comes in the carafe. The commercial said sonething along the lines of: "It doesn't look like any other apple juice. It doesn't taste like any other apple juice. It...
  2. LukeA

    FiOS - Anyone have it?

    I'd like to hear anything you know about FiOS TV and internet.
  3. LukeA

    Rex Grossman sucks

    He lost the game for the Bears. 4+ turnovers, numerous dangerous incompletions...
  4. LukeA


    Everything comes up centered now. Is this just me, or is it suppposed to be like that? I'd like to say that it looks stupid and unprofessional.
  5. LukeA

    Animated GIF Avatars?

    Is there a way to post an animated GIF as an avatar? The file I'm using is a nine-frame animation (18 KB) but only posts as the first frame. I remember seeing an animation as an avatar before.
  6. LukeA

    When did n00bs become allowed to post links?

    When did they? When I joined, they couldn't, and now I see more spam.
  7. LukeA

    Sweet LCD panel

    I just read this on Engadget: It's a 1080p LCD panel that's 18 cm diagonally. There's also a 2.6 in, 1024*768 panel. Something like that would be awesome in an iPod.
  8. LukeA

    Is anyone else going to buy an iTV?

    I am going to buy one of these as soon as they come out. -Wireless networking -Ethernet networking -HDMI out -Component Out -USB (not quite sure why) -Optical Audio Out -Internal Power Supply Pics lifted from Engadget and rehosted for posterity. I wish my HTR had two HDMI in...
  9. LukeA

    My concerns.

    OK, I've got two things to bring up. 1. There's a typo in the 8-3-06 Ask iLounge column. QT Pro is $30. (I should know, seeing as I bought it a few days ago.) 2. I can't log in or register to post messages in the non-forum section of iLounge (which is why I posted Point #1 here). It says...
  10. LukeA

    Mac Users, Are you Switchers?

    The title pretty much says it all.
  11. LukeA

    m2t converter?

    Does anyone know of anything for Mac that'll convert Mpeg2 transfer stream files(.m2t) into something else like .mov? Right now I'm contemplating MpegStreamclip with Quicktime Mpeg2 playback component ($20). It'd be nice if it was free, but cheap is also OK.
  12. LukeA

    What a shame...

    The National league couldn't keep it up for all 9 innings. For those who didn't catch the All Star Game, it was 2-1(NL) for several innings, until a triple in the ninth brought in 2 runs for the AL. The NL had two opportunities to come back, but blew them. Ryan Howard, the Home Run Derby winner...
  13. LukeA

    What's this? (from Digg) Whatever it is, I'm probably helping it out by spreading the word. Highlight the bottom of the site. What do you think it is? What's ES-12? It's definitely some hexadecimal number. The IP is the TOR exit node I was using, btw. Note: the black text is black on black. You...
  14. LukeA

    Hack iPhoto to show your camera.

    * This assumes you have access to a computer with some kind of Photoshop (a trial download of Photoshop will work wonderfully) * If you have a Mac with iPhoto, you can customize it so that it shows your camera when you connect it. It's simple, just right-click the app in the Finder, and...
  15. LukeA

    Why are these forums limited in Camino?

    I can't use the pop-down menus or post tools in Camino 1.0.1. Is there a reason?
  16. LukeA


    Please stop posting new threads regarding this question.
  17. LukeA

    We need a plain-text document splitter for iPod notes.

    Wouldn't it be cool to have an app for Mac that you could drop plain-text documents on to and split them into 4096 byte segments, named sequentially, so that they wouldn't get truncated on the iPod? I wish I could code. If I could, this would already be done. It would be cool if it worked like...
  18. LukeA

    Anyone else's color iPod make two beeps and not go into diagnostic mode?

    When I try to put my 20GB iPod color into diagnostic mode, I get the beep, but then a second sound, "BOOLEEP". Then nothing happens and I have to reset the iPod and it goes back to the normal GUI