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    Ill-fitting Apple Airpods

    I have the Apple Airpods from two years ago (ModelA1523). They have never worked well for me :they do not stay in my ears, are constantly falling out. Apple's advice: buy the new Apple AirpodsPro ($250); they have a softer ear piece. In fact, do the AirpodsPro really stick in better? Are there...
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    How best to move about 100 photos from an iPhone 7 to a W10 laptop

    Can someone please refer me to a set of of instructions that reviews that procedure? I want the process to remove the selected photos from the iPhone (and its iCloud backup) and to move them onto a flashmemory on the laptop? I assume (but am not sure) that I use the cable with USB connector on...
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    How to delete photos from my iPhone (7 plus) storage.

    I want to select about 100 photos now on my iPhone and then delete them all. I want any back to these selected photos that I may have on iClouds to these photos to be removed as well. I envision doing that by: Going to the Photos app on my iPhone screen Selecting the photos to be deleted...
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    How to change my ilounge forum password

    Would someone please remind me how to change my password here? Thank you. wdc202
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    IPhone camera snaps photos erroneously

    I have a problem with my iPhone 7+ to which Apple seems to have no real solution. I wonder how others may have dealt with it. I would welcome suggestions. I carry the iPhone in my left trouser pocket. Walking seems to activate the camera. I frequently find that I have snapped 150 or so black...
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    Siri: difficult to call her up.

    The title of my post shoud have been, "SIRI, difficult to call her up." ... wdc
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    Siri: difficult to call her up.

    I have a devil of a time invoking Siri, can't do it reliably. Is there a reference which offers help? Thank you. .... wdc
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    I have big trouble keeping Air Pods docked in my ears.

    Twisting them after insertion does not help. I would appreciat getting ideas from others with similar problems. Thanks. ...wdc
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    Blocking incoming emails on an iPad and a iPhone

    Using a desktop PC I can block messages from designated Yahoo sender. How can I do that on my iPad and my iPhone? Thanks. batpark
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    Looking for an iPhone app

    cjmnews: Great. Thanks so much. Where do I get that app -- iTunes or the Apple Store? Am I looking for a particular offering? ... wdc
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    Looking for an iPhone app

    I would like an app for my iPhone that will have it continuously broadcast a pre-canned audio message to my air pods. The message is about 10 seconds long and I want it repeated every 1 minute until I turn the app OFF. Can someone please tell me whether such an app is already "out there"? If...
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    Apple air pods

    The new Apple air pods keep falling out of my ears. Does anyone know a gadget for keeping them in place? I’d appreciate any suggestions. ..... wdc202
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    iPhone rumbling sound

    Holding my iPhone I often hear and feel a rumbling sound and a vibration.There is no call coming in and there is no message on the screen. I'm curious, what's going on to cause that? ... Wdc
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    Loading a Podcast on an iPhone to an early model iPod

    Can someone please suggest a reference that descrbes how to load a podcasr from an iPhone to an iPod? ,,,,, Thanks. ,,,,wdc
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    Manual for OLD iPod

    I came across a ~10 year old iPod (model MA00L) in a desk drawer and found that it still works. Is there a manual for it still on the web? Thanks. — wdc
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    iPhone locking cord accessory

    Does someone know of a gadget that will tie my iPhone to a safety pin in my (man's) pocket through a small, self-reeling 2 foot cord? The idea: to forestall leaving a phone behind and preventing damaging drops. Is there something like that on the market? .... wdc
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    Will someone please remind me how I create a bookmark of a site I am viewing with a mini iPad? thank you. ... wdc
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    iPad mini --Saving in one place photos sent as attachments to emails that I receive o

    I would appreciate learning how I can save in one place on an iPad mini photos that I receive as attachments to emails that I receive on the iPad ? HOW do I download them? WHERE are the downloaded photos stored? (Apparently NOT in the "Photos" icon where the photos I take using the iPad's...
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    installing WhatsApp on a iPadMini

    I was about to install WhatsApp but was put off by the many negative comments, (many of which I did not understand fully). I would appreciate advice from iLoungers. Is the app wrth downloading? Which of the several flavors offered on the App Store should I download? FWIW, I will be using the...
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    Syncing an email account

    On my very old iPad ..... an icon on the homescreen labeled "MAIL" successfully brings up an AOL email account. I can receive receive and send messages fine. But the Contacts are not correct; rather the Contacts are those associated with a Yahoo account formerly on the iPad that I had Removed...