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    Brand new iphone 14 Pro, got some questions

    Well my iphone 8+ which you all had helped with from time to time was replaced today. Old phone was all kinds of wonky, but got something new and with some changes i have some questions. 1) When i got it, and TMoble transferred my old phone onto this I had to set some stuff back up. It...
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    Iphone8+, some functions not working like they did

    Hello, I have seen these items change a bit over time with updates, and I cant imagine this is working as intended, maybe I'm wrong. Here are some of the things I am experiencing with my iphone8+. I know this screams 1st world problems.... but humor me :) 1) I use the built in music app that...
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    Issue accessing iphone8+ on W10 PC

    And it just disappeared out of itunes and doesn't want to come back. I am at a complete loss.
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    Issue accessing iphone8+ on W10 PC

    Hello, not sure if this should be here or in the iphone section directly but here goes. PC is W10 Pro 64bit current updates Iphone8+ and itunes are all current as of today. In the past when I connected it i would see the iphone appear in "This PC" but it does not anymore. Plugged in it charges...
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    Iphone UI question

    Sigh......glad they force things to take longer than needed.... NOT blaming you, and thankyou for a quick reply! It is appreciated.
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    Iphone UI question

    Hello all, Is there a way I can move an icon on my iphone and have it NOT slide everything over to fill the spot that was just emptied? if so how? I find this function to make any reorganization to take WAY longer than needed. Next, when I turn my phone sideways is there a setting to keep the...
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    Question regarding how pictures are stored

    Hello, I have seen this on my old iphone as well as my current, as I take pictures of various things the images are placed within several folders, in the DCIM folder there are several folders, 100 Apple, 101 Apple etc, pictures seem to spread randomly within these and every so often i see a new...
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    Loaded ipod and new computer

    Hello, I suffered a system failure motherboard and boot drive (which housed iTunes). It is not recoverable without data recovery services. The secondary drive that held the MP3s of the music I have ripped over the years, is fine, and well and in place in my new system. I know iTunes is...
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    iphone advice

    Hello all, I am planning on removing my land line, and I will need a cell. Was not originally considering a smart phone, however, my ipod is out of warranty and falling apart, and figured if I was needing to replace that, I may as well consolidate. I am not needing the most current/fancy...
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    A couple questions

    Hello, I have had a ipod video80gb since they were new. More recently I came up with a few things I wasn't sure how to do. 1) How do I add a song to a playlist and NOT have it show up in the Artist list? Reason, I have some compilations featuring bands who otherwise I don't listen to, and...